The Priyanka And Ranbir Excitement


Shopping has its own benefits.Just saw Ranbir,Priyanka And Illeana,up close and real at Phoenix mall and waved hands with Ranbir...Oola la la..How many of you were there in the mad rush?I still can't believe I stood there for 3 and half hours shouting and screaming,and of course waiting for the Barfi crew.Here's the first glimpse.All was worth it,never thought Ranbir would wave hands and I would be the lucky few to touch it giggles ;)

Today's my another lucky day.In the morning I had some work in the Phoenix Mall,so I thought I would rather go.When I went there,there were small hoardings of Priyanka,Ranbir and Illeana coming to Phoenix at 4.There was so much time,that I thought I'll do my work and go back.But destiny had planned something else for me..

Along with the small banners was another "Shop for Rs 2000 and get a chance to click pictures with Ranbir and Priyanka".Imagine my excitement,I did know for sure that If I would shop then that would definitely be more than 2k,I buy in bulk,even though it's of no use,and it's been months I have done any serious shopping.

And as luck would have it,I got the best clothes for trial.I bought 4 of them.Planning to start my own fashion blog,not a bad idea either,sometimes I shop like maniac.And then I went to the counter,I got the bill of 2k,now what?Unfortunately the offer was for anyone who buys from reliance trend and more than 2k, was not mentioned anywhere on the boards..these clever people,watever!

But then,I saw the whole railing getting filled up fast.I thought it's just 1.30,why are people getting lined up.Then I saw another board,Ranbir and Priyanka at 2.Wow,I had to move fast,you know in India,if you don't create your own space,people jump and create theirs.So I scanned the whole railing,I wanted to have the first hand glimpse,not standing behind and trying to see whatever comes.But there was no space.And then I did spot one space for one person.I requested the other person to shift,but he was reluctant,he told his friend is coming,so I got another place requesting someone else.

It's simple but it's not the end.A group of folks came by,college goers and my best entertainers for next 3.5 hours.They said in a hush hush tone,you know we had a talk with the organisers there,it's gonna start at 4.I felt like running away,but where to run.Everywhere there were people behind me there were 6 lines..shit!

I had skipped my breakfast today for I was too lazy and I was going to skip my lunch,because there I was stuck in the first row..Kind of trapped.But the guys and gals next to me were awesome.Inspite of pushing and pulling,these guys and gals were my best support,though I never knew them I had a great conversation.And then came the host 'We are gonna have 5 questions,whoever answer's correctly gets to pose with the barfi crew.Ouch..only if we knew the answers,and only if I had a better phone with a better google.Anyways,the quiz part was fun..

But then slowly the crowd started increasing more and more.It was a spectacle to see people lined up across the railing of several floors of the mall.There were many bouncers,police,and people ready with their lathis.As we were all leaning to the support of the railing,the top and the upper floors,were consistently told to not lean and police men were there.But for us,no police.Glad.But then 4 turned to be 5,at 5 a host from radio came and with her all the zing and the fun.But we were tired,I was because I had no food,I was in the same position for last 3 hours,and there was lot of pushing and pulling.Surprisingly I was not the only one,everyone was.

But then at 5:45  Priyanka,Illeana and Ranbir came we had the highest pitch energy and we jumped and shouted like anything.What an incredible moment.They were awesome.

And before this I never got a chance to see any star so close,and Ranbir is my favourite,he's so natural..

What a great day!!!yipee


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