Skydiving in Mysore,Cockpit Flying Mangalore


                                 Image Source:The Hindu,Kunal Kapoor Does A Cockpit Flying                                        

Yay,what a relief to all the Bangaloreans!It's great to see so many response for my post on Skydiving,and many of them were disappointed with the venue,Dhana.They had their genuine problems as Dhana being so far and usual queries like,when is the next Pondicherry..when is the next Baramati...And most of them were "Isn't any place near Bangalore where it happens".

So to folks who have been dreaming of Skydiving since ZNMD,the 14th Skydiving camp is happening at Mysore from 28th Sept-7th Oct.

Ever dreamt of flying an aircraft?I know most of us simply love the planes.Cockpit Flying Event is happening in Mangalore from 27th-29th Sept where you get to fly the real planes.Interesting isn't it?

India is shining,and the whole country will take their flight of fantasy and get airborne soon.Are you in?

Please register for the event at registration form or drop me a mail with your contact details(phone,email id etc) to discuss the slots and schedule of skydiving.

U got friends all set for adrenaline rush.Skydive with five friends,get a discount of Rs 500 per person.Skydive with 10 friends get a discount of 1k per person.Only for the Mysore camp.Start sharing!

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