Kasauli Travel Part 2


     Life is a little lazy at Kasauli.A place where Solitude brings more Happiness @ Christ Church

For previous post and videos on Kasauli : Kasauli Travel Part 1

Christ Church,Kasauli: Sometimes the great moments of peace can only be achieved in divine places.Christ Church in Kasauli is one such place.At the entrance we can collect candles and gifts for prayers.I lighted a few of them and guess what I wished for

"Travel and More Travel"..because nothing else makes me happy!

                                                                 Door wide open

Monkey Point/Man-Ki-Point Kasauli : The most popular place to visit in Kasauli,Monkey Point is a trek leading to the highest point in Kasauli,where we have the Hanuman mandir at the top.Taxis from the main Kasauli town to Monkey Point Last Parking Point(3km) takes Rs 250.From there it is a trek of 1km. Photography and all electronic gadgets(mobile/laptop etc) are prohibited in the trek

I love walking around Kasauli,specially with the trees that follow me.

                             What If I Throw This Big Bang Stone Right Down The Valley

Where To Stay

Ross Common is the most popular hotel in Kasauli and well worth it.Nothing beats sitting in the terrace and gorging on Tandoori Paratha they serve.For all your stays in Himachal throughout,for home stays or Hotels,please book through Himachal Tourism Official Site,they are pretty good and the recommendations are great.Details here: HPTDC

Food in Kasauli

Watch the NDTV Goodtimes video as my favorite Duo Rocky And Mayur takes you to the food joints in Kasauli.

Lawrence School,Sanawar: This is where our Munnabhai MBBS aka Sanjay Dutt has done his schooling.The school is a little far from the main Kasauli Town.

Monkeys Ain't Cute Always

I admire animals,mostly all of them.Monkeys are no exception.And there are many many in Kasauli. Our day 1 was on doing some random photography of the cute monkeys with their babies on the road.The next day I had the most hilarious experience.

While I was standing in the Balcony,two three monkeys jumped and came in.I always was told by others that Monkeys attack people who have poly bags or some stuff in their hands.I paid no attention as they weren't so near to me.The monkey started running towards me as if to attack me for reasons I never knew.

I ran towards the door and shut it from behind,they jumped on the window panes and started making faces,scary ones at that...!As I was behind the glass pane,I couldn't stop laughing and after a while started making faces back at them.When I was tired replicating the act,I simply closed the curtains.

But they started jumping all over the terrace and the roof,making consistent thud thud sound,never knew monkey's could be that nasty.It wasn't my first monkey encounter,till now I have met many.When in India,you can't escape monkeys.If you are on a jungle safari,and you can't spot a tiger,there are always monkeys.At MP,we even had a chance to give food to wild monkeys by hand,but monkeys at Kasauli are of different world.

Watch this space for more,when I take through the little less known place Barog,where scenes of movie Jab we Met was shot!!!A quaint beautiful place in the hills..

                                         Here's where Sanjay Dutt has done his schooling..

Like my blog and been to Kasauli,share your experience,and I add the relevant ones on my blog post with your names.Thanks for visiting ;)


  1. Nice post.


  2. Kasauli is really an awesome place to visit with a lot of greenery and best thing is that it is not crowded like Shimla..a peaceful environment..Nice Post..and wat abt the Eurotrip..do u have any plan and calculated cost etc..Please,let me know whenever u finalized, so that I also have some idea on this..Thanks.

  3. Thank you Ankita for this great post!

  4. I have heard so much about Kasauli and have driven past it many times to visit its upper cousins, but never made a stay there, may be I need to after checking out your experiences there..Keep writing and keep travelling. Wish you all the best for your Eurotrip

  5. @Arnab:That's the most obvious thing anyone does,when I went Kasauli first time,I wasn't interested,in fact I didn't knw there's so much to see there.Thanks yaar,just planning Eurotrip,lets c what's the minimum budget I can do away with :)

  6. @Avanish:I am still doing my research on finding the best and cheapest way to travel Europe.It'll take some time,but probably I will come up with an itinerary in next 10 days.Will share on my blog,if you want to come,can :)

  7. @Niranjan:Oh we have another traveller here..Thanks for dropping by,your blog is great too.Keep travelling,and keep adding lovely photos to your blog:)

  8. totally love Kasauli, especially with fog all over :) Giani da Dhaba is damn famous over the highway. Barog is also a good place.

  9. @Swati:Yeah it is,sometimes I feel like staying at a place like these forever :)

  10. Kasauli is where my grand father had worked and father and uncles had did their primary schooling..i happen tp be there only in 2008 and i had fallen in luv with it. i had visited kasauli umpteen number of times and has very very sweet memories which i cherish.. i love the simplicity and quietness of kasauli..may be someday i will find a company and shall revisit kasauli

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  12. I love kasauli hills. I have spent most of my time over there. I would like to walk in mountains, specially near railway track. I love toy train. I love to ride my bike in kasauli, it prevents me from traffic also. Now a days there is so much family's visiting over there and because of this, there are so many cars and it causing so much traffic, which is so annoying. But whenever i visit in kasauli, i feel fresh every time. It gives so much peace inside my body.

  13. Good Documentary!!

    We restored the antique clock at Christ Church.. You must see that on ur next visit. Visit the link for the post we made for this

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