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Europe is magical.I love Europe since,well since I saw the movie "Eurotrip".There's so much to do,and there's so much to see.Watch the video below on why do I want to visit Europe and in particular Budapest,Prague And Vienna

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Why Budapest
Why Prague:
Why Vienna:

/*The below is a made up story of two male buddies,one living in Budapest and the other just arrived*/

Hey Bud,wat's up?
I got a Pest(Bud-a-pest) in the underground house.
Well,why don't you take a thermal bath,soaked with medicinal properties.
How good is that?
The packaged mineral water we take,is filled up at one of those streams ;)
Oh really!
There are also over 100 springs that have been enjoyed by many of the patrons and visitors of Budapest since the Roman Empire.
The Roman Empire..and they are Cleopatra?
No,she was greek,but these springs are good for your skin and you become better writer too at Budapest.
Are you nuts,writer and me?
If you touch the pen of the Anonymous statue, that sits in the park just near to Heroes’ Square then it’s said it will make that person a better writer.And a writer with a great skin is popular with the girls..wink wink ;).
Hell man! Gotta go catch the train.
You are at the right place,catch the underground train system at Budapest.
Is everything under-ground?
Nah.Not everything.Hey I forgot,for the pest infection,why don't you get yourself examined at Underground Military Hospital.
Ha,now that's new?Underground hospital..
The wax figures are really close to reality and old song played at the big hospital room is really touching.
I am a little hungry...

Well to that I must say,there's a Hungarian saying: There's no such part of an animal which can't be eaten. This saying is very true for the following meals.

Pacal - Tripe (Beef stomach) stew , Kocsonya - Pork bits in jelly,Zuzapörkölt - Gizzard stew,Körömpörkölt - Pork feet stew,Szalonna - Smoked pork fat.

Which one would you dare to try?
Something simple but different
Then try these..

Zsiroskenyer -It's contents are freshly sliced bread, spread with goose or pork fat, salt, paprika and slightly cut red onion.

Szekelykaposzta -Székelykáposzta is a stew mixed with sauerkraut and sour cream but the meat portion is lethal: Pork stew, often with knuckle or szalonna in it (see Szalonna below), onions, paprika, pepper, chili, cumin and bay leaves.

Langos-Lángos is a deep fried dough. It is eaten warm and most commonly served with sour cream and grated cheese and rubbed with garlic, garlic butter, or doused with garlic water.

Bundaskenyer -This is a savoury breakfast food, usually served with garlic, sour cream and salt
Hortobágyi palacsinta-Hortobágyi palacsinta is a savoury Hungarian crape filled with minced meat, then the ends are tucked in.

That's interesting and different from rest of the world.Let's go!

I want to visit Budapest because I want to explore the undergrounds,have great skin with the thermal baths,have food that's so unique and made of stuff I would never get to have backhome,and of course be a better writer :).If there are marathons at that moment,would love to take part.And parties,how can I miss them!!!

/*The below is a made up story of a guy living in Czech and his girlfield just arrived in Prague*/

Welcome To The Fairyland dear
All set for "I Do"?
Where in Prague?I got my Prada
Old Town Hall Or The New Town Hall
Whichever you choose
Not before I have a pint of beer
Gambrinus,Kozel’s Medium or Pilsner Urquell?
Ah..what are those
Back home I have kingfisher and fosters.
Czech regard beer as a national treasure
And they are the best
Music for our celebrations?
Czech has many local musical talents
And the jewellery?
The ancient and magical pseudo science of alchemy – turning minerals into gold – was a hugely popular fashion amongst the elite in Prague during the Middle Ages.
That's so out of the world.
So what is typical for Czech food?
Lunch is the main meal of the day in the Czech Republic
Fried Cheese(Smazeny syr) & palacinka(a pancake)
and How can we forget the sweet fruit dumplings
Czechs say before any meal: „Dobrou chut!“ means I wish you to enjoy your meal!“.
Dobrou Chut wink wink ;)
I heard prague has beautiful castles
Yes,the prague castle
Travel back 1000 years,
I bet You wouldn't need a time machine
Any shows here?
Aint they for kids
Nah,out here,just marvel at the puppet masters
at Divadlo Minor  or buy a puppet for yourself at Truhlář Marionety.
The Savarin Casino has candelabras and Baroque frescoes as well as American roulette and stud poker.

Sounds great,lets get married.

I want to visit Prague because of beer.Here in our place we get very few variants.It's either Kingfisher or Fosters.Love the pancakes and the music.Who knows I might return as one of the well known musicians ;) And not to forget the splendid architecture,very few men know,gals are fond of fairyland,and this one seems to be just perfect for me.

/*The below is a made up story of two old age buddies,one living in Vienna and the other just arrived*/

How have you been?
I heard Vienna is one of the most romantic cities in the world,
The guy from the plane told me
Not for us wink ;),but for us
too there are so many things to do.
What do you do here?
I teach history favorite subject
And is Vienna historical?
Schonbrunn Palace,Hofburg Imperial Palace
Heldenplatz,Leopold Museum
Are the most interesting architecture
I have ever seen
Hmm,you have been so lucky?
Not so far,now that you are here
Time to have some fun together
Where do we go?
Cruise along river Danube
And visit the Danube islands
For the floating pubs
And sing along and be merry
Wow,and then like our young age
we hit another pub
Nah..we go to Vienna Boys Choir
We are not boys anymore wink ;)
grow up dude
Well then we go opera
Or we go have some pastries and cakes
or coffee or hot chocolate
I feel I am young again
Ready to go!

I want to visit Vienna because of amazing food I wouldn't want to miss.Would love to have the pastries and cakes and the river cruise.It's the best place to be merry...

I could google all the places in Budapest,Prague and Vienna and make a list of to dos but I want to visit Budapest,Prague and Vienna to experience all the three essence of life,the newness,the excitement,the parties and food just like the characters above.Let the good times roll soon;)

The above is an entry for The Nomadic Matt Contest

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