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"A Friend in need is a Friend indeed".True friendships come along so rarely, and I am thankful to have met or have interacted with the following people and venture groups.Thank you all for your continued support and many many more to come in the years ahead

Backpacker Co :“We wanted our travellers to experience what we had—to explore, not just sight see".The folks from Backpacker Co have been my constant support and I feel proud to be in touch with them every now and then.

Connect With Himalaya : When I asked Gaurav,to be associated with my blog,he instantly said "So you travel a lot"..and I said back "So do you".Well my visit to Mumbai is long overdue,but I hope you all guys join the travel to the Himalayas soon along with me and them.They are awesome.

Kakini Enterprises :It's surprising to be friends with a lady on a mission.A lady who wants to make Indians know that "this is skydiving 14th camp,and not the first one".Bold,beautiful and all of 27 years.A dental surgeon by her past profession,and a lady with a strong will to succeed ahead with her focused ambition on popularizing skydiving.Hats off!

Nature Admire: It's interesting when people make travel real eco friendly.It's the passion in their voice that makes it so different.

Temple Pilots:Soar with winds,and fly in the air.It's cool to see people balance their lives travelling and doing sports with ease.And they are real good at it!

Bangalore Aerosports: The last time I talked to Captain Vinitha,she was a busy person.But the last time I met her was my first microlight experience with 360 turns in between.She's a lady and she's got guts!What makes her so interesting is she asks you "you want to learn,you have come here for fun,are you ok with the 360 degrees",that makes the experience all the more comfortable,for you and for her.

Skywaltz: Ballooning is an exhilarating experience.An experience you wouldn't dare to miss.And shouldn't because,isn't it great to have your special someone up in the air or your friends shouting and screaming mid air.Yes that's ballooning

Cdr Arun patil: My first interview with him,and I didn't know if he would reply.And when he did he said "You are doing something different".It felt great to be in touch with people who appreciate you(and believe me people who appreciate bloggers are few).And so with the mission to make Scuba all the more easy and accessible we have Cdr Arun Patil.

Archana Sardana: India's first civilian BASE jumper, skydiver,a mother of two and adventurous.She is a lady who has a mind of her own,and my inspiration.She's sweet,polite,friendly and you guessed it right,"BRAVE".

Ginger Claps: The team with a passion to bring in interesting events across various cities in India!

iReboot :Want to learn Journalism,Film Making,DJ ing or just want to evaluate what you can become and how will you?You have got all your answers here,thanks to Vikas ,Amogh and Mahalakshmi

Thrillophilia:It's easy to interview others,and difficult to answer questions someone has prepared for your interview.I faced the same,while I was still nervous and anxious about what they will ask me,or if it's gonna be like what are your plans 4 years from now,I'd be gone.But thanks for the real easy questions,it came out great :)

Fox Traveller :It was a good day for me to be on Fox Traveller Cover Page a month back.But what was more appealing was,they liked my every alternate blog post I posted on their wall.That's called "Being in touch" virtually.

Outlook Traveller : It's exciting to see your article getting printed on paper.When the editor had called me for the minor corrections before the print,I couldn't believe what was happening.But then thanks to outlook traveller for being so considerate.

Avirate - I was recently runners up in Avirate Real Women Contest.It was then,I was invited to Avirate Fashion Show,and that's where I met the beautiful ladies,some familiar faces,some new faces,and unbelievably the collections were superb.Time to go for some shopping at Avirate..Its yummy its mouthwatering collection they have.

France Tourism Board:Thanks to the France Tourism Board for inviting me in their roadshows.I never knew cycling in France is so popular and so cheap before the session,and now that I know,let the youth of India rechoice "being free and merry" in France.

Air Asia :Thanks for the cheapest flight that made us realise "let's fly abroad,because its more affordable"

Hostels : Thanks for introducing us to the magical world of hostels

Four Seasons : The great event,the great wine.What else do we want!

Black Dog :The best of events right there on your platter.

Kurumba Village Resort :One of the best resort I visited in recent times

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