Jharipani Uttarakhand:Photos,Videos


"Ringa ringa roses pocket full of poses" danced the small little girls in the school,their symphony almost matching their steps,their smiles sparkling with innocence.The boys were busy playing football,and some of them climbing ropes.

                          Oak Grove School @ Jharipani; No words to describe the beauty

A school is a school,remains always a school.No matter where we are at present,there is always a special place of school in one's heart.For me,school is where I have had my fondest memories & till date the most innocent ones.School is also where we built life long friendships which stays forever.

Have you ever been on a vacation and stayed in a school?This journey is about how we rediscovered ourselves,our own sense of "To be free" and our new synonym of "Lets Go".All that while staying at the Oak Grove School,in Jharipani

Where is Jharipani?

Jharipani is nestled between Dehradun and Mussoorie.

Where to Stay?

We stayed at Oak Grove School.Another alternative for stay in Jharipani is Jharipani Castle.

                                          Jharipani Castle Stay, Rs 2500 per night

How did we go there?

                                              Jharipani : In a middle of nowhere 

...That's a long story.We boarded the public bus at Dehradun going to Mussoorie and asked the conductor for Jharipani Bus Stop.He said "Baith Jao,Jab Aega To Bta Dunga"[Sit down,will inform you when it comes]

The bus stop is 4 km from Jharipani village and 10km from Oak Grove School.We were told that there is another bus which comes near to Oak grove school,but the timing is very absurd,and noone knew the timing as such.When we initially started to hike,we thought the school would be nearby,but then we were not sure because there weren't any school boards on the road.The thick fog covered the road with the valley alongside,making the road barely visible.

It was as if we were walking on the clouds.I recall that every 15-20 minutes,I had to confirm if my brother is nearby by shouting his name.It was that foggy.We walked a few kilometers enjoying the unpredictable path which lay ahead.At one point nothing was visible and then we decided to take a lift from any vehicle which might pass by because hiking for 10 kms with 0 visibility is no big deal.

                                    Hiking along the path where visibility was almost big zero

                                                 The wild flowers bloom midway

After waiting for another 30-45 minutes,we could spot a vehicle coming.Shall we take a lift shall we not?We decided to trust the person in the car and he was sweet enough to give us a lift,and drop us at Oak Grove School.These locals,how do they drive with visibility so less!!!

                                       Can you spot me playing footie with the fog!

Coming Up soon Video on Jharipani fresh landslides,leaches and our stay :)


  1. waiting eagerly for the next update on Jharipani


  2. I've been to Jharipani! Lovely it is:)

  3. beautiful ! absolutely gorgeous !

  4. @Mahesh:Thanks mahesh,video is done,will just take 2 more days to write in more.

  5. @Amitaag:I knw,for a moment,I wished I cud ever live in a place like this,but now when I am back in city,I miss it more more.

    1. I studied at Oakgrove Jr. High School from 1941-1945 before partition took place in 1947 and missed the opportunity of completion my education alongwith my 4 siblings. My father who worked on the NWR (North Western Railway) and lived at Kalka Shimla, Saharanpur, Ambala (where I was born), Giasabad, Delhi but in 1946 was transferred to a place called Rohri (which became Pakistan) and till this date regret me and my siblings could not go back to Oakgrove. I miss all my friends and Teachers and wonder where they would be now. Jharipani is the most beautiful place in the world with all the many boarding schools around Mussoorie. God bless Mussoorie (Jharipani). Charles Wilson.

  6. Hi, I have done my schooling from Oak Grove School, Jharipani. it is a lovely place. Thanks for getting it all that back to me.

    btw: there is a kaccha rasta (route) to the Jharipani fall that you mentioned in your video. To reach the fall one has to start from the Senior Boys School area. I am sure the locals there can guide.


  7. @Saurabh Kumar:Oh that's so great to know.When I went there,It just came to my mind,people wld be so lucky to have done there schooling here.

    Thanks for telling me the route,during that time,there were landslides,so some routes were closed.This one also was with the damage here and there,so not sure if the kacha rasta was open.

  8. Hi my name is Charles Wilson, Studied at Oakgrove Jr. High School from 1941 to 1946. Originally lived at Kalka (Shimla) where my Dad was a Driver on the NWR bu just before partition of India, he was transferred to a place called Rohri (Sindh), but thereafter the country was partitioned and we became a part of Pakistan. I regret my siblings and myself could not return to good old O.G. where was missed all our class friends and Treachers. Mr. Watts was our principal and our headmistress was Ms. Gibbons. As I see from the Oakgrove website, a lot of changes have been made since I was there. I still have the old O.G. blazer, red and white tie and the O.G. hymn book where we used to go to church on Sundays in the beautiful valley. I wonder if any old Oakgrovians during my time can contact me, if possible. Would appreciate and thank you. Charlie 'Bootlace' (my nickname then). Long Live O.G.

  9. LLong Live Oakgrovians.

  10. @Charles A. Wilson:I am surprised to see your comment which is written straight from the heart.I am not sure how it was in 1946 because I wasn't even born then,but I am sure with what you said should be great.Hmm..memories from school are always everlasting,I am posting in my page,let's see if I can help you find buddies from back then.I hope so :)

  11. @ankita: hi anki, could u plz tell about the stay at the school. what the authorities had charged for staying?

  12. Old memories cherished. I have studies 11th class here.. in 2002..
    Ur first pic is beneath the room in which we used to change our school uniforms to formal cloths on sunday and went out to dehradun (Bunk)... those were the days..
    Amazing place..

  13. One thing i forgot too add. Even i had the OG Trunk right now with me..
    Rahul Malik.. Patel Group...

  14. Hey Anki-this world is a very small place and we cross paths. I see this so true today with coming across your post. Who knew that place where i spent my entire childhood would be captured by someone with whom i shared an acquaintance back at Manipal Engineering days. Indeed you brought tears in my eyes- this goes to my favourite link & thanks once again - Wishing Sunshine for your next expeditions :-)


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