I wish I win



  Am I happy?Am I sad?Well contrary to what people think of me I do not congratulate myself too much or berate myself too much.I do not even know if this is the correct path yet,I am yet to learn many things,and I am yet to win any travel contests.My only wish in life for last 6 months,is to win a travel contest,how much effort I may put in,I always escape the eyes of the judges.I do not understand,may be its all karma,or may be it takes patience.

  "Many of my friends have told me "They love my vagabond life,and wish they had money time or just the will to quit and travel".I am no richie richie,if you read my blog you'll know how less money I spend on every place I travel.And it's definitely not because I have the money!I would love to live in a villa or a private resort,but I do not mind being the backpackers way as well.

  To be honest,I do not know SEO,I use to record my videos on sony wx7 digicam worth 11k till last month.Now I have the canon 550d,and I am happy.I do not know video editing,I somehow manage,thanks to youtube tutorials.Till 9 months back,I didn't know how a blog can have a separate url and not blogspot.com,I am still not very comfortable with WordPress.I recently started twitter(two month back) and opened my account on blog adda which is yet to be approved. I do not take money from my father or my husband for general expenses,I rather pay my own.When we travel together,I offer to contribute my share which is my savings of last 6 months of work.I am yet to learn PR and Marketing.I am yet to learn how to earn,on blogging.I am looking for freelance projects which might help me do that.I am hopeful that things might work,and as Neha Dixit says on NDTV "Believe in Magic" or just "Believe in Me".I am her biggest fan,simply love the crazy dizzy way she is on NDTV good times.

A few things that made my life a little "not so boring".Just till last 2 weeks,I was busy in the film making course of 2 weekends with ireboot,where I met many interesting people.I did a DJ course also with them because I wanted to know what goes behind the scene.

This small badge from Backpacker Co doesn't hurt either!

And one thing that made me really happy in the last week was "I was the runners up in Avirate Real Women Contest Bangalore."An evening filled with fashion shows,free wine dine and awesome collection of clothes.

And a short RT by Lonely Planet India,I feel good because I love Lonely Planet.

It's great to see and interact with so many travelers on my Facebook Page,even great to form travel groups.So in April-May we are heading to Europe and we have a Facebook Group Euro Jam :
 You can join in too!

My best friend says,I always cry over things instead of rejoicing over the positives,but why jump in when I have nothing to pump in(money :P)

And no..I don't have the crew to maintain my blog.I learn I do things,and I enjoy,sometimes I am sad,sometimes worried and sometimes happy!I am a human being after all.

And more recently Mahesh's comment on my blog made my day

"Few points

1. Thanks for allowing anonymous comments. I am very bad at remembering ids. 

2. Very good write ups. I reached your blog randomly bit will keep coming back again and again.

3. I know many travelers which are your kind, travel light and low cost. But they hardly share information. 

~mahesh "

Ah..a little relief the number 200(as mentioned earlier) is not the original number of posts,the number of posts published till date is 154. Didn't I tell you I am not really good at blogging and stuff!Yet to learn many many things.

I am still keeping my fingers crossed for my Maldivian trip next month,I've heard it's costly,but I have decided to not spend much on the leisure part of it.Lets see!

But I still need to win a travel contest!I wish..I win.


  1. Great journey so far Ankita..you are doing a wonderful job..and budget is not a dirty word always, that's why we have a whole community known as backpackers. so, have patience always and I wish you win..Best of Luck.

  2. Ah ! You are going places girl ! (Literally)... I hope you continue to inspire us in future too :)

  3. All the best for the contest... interesting perspective in your blog....

  4. Its quite a task - all that traveling in so little time. You should be proud of yourself :)

    And never mind winning the contests! They are immaterial. I say that because I wont win any either... if I tried :P

  5. Congrats with the win. You deserve it. BTW, am visiting Bangalore next week, can you suggest me some budget friendly hotels, somewhere close to Bhartiya City.


  6. Glad I could make you happy


  7. @Avanish:Thanks a lot avanish for the encouragement.I really really need it at the moment.Pray for me for winning a contest and thanks for dropping by:)

  8. @Puru:Thanks thanks Puru.Lets c where destiny takes me,I hope its a new world somewhere :)

  9. @Desi Traveler: I love this article of yours "How and Why to Travel without Ticket on Trains" ,so helpful that was..Thanks for dropping by and wishing me!

  10. @Indu:Thanks a lot Indu..pray pray pray for me :)

  11. @Shrinidhi Hande:Oh Thanku,I needed it so much for Maldives,keeping my fingers crossed for the expenses,if its cheap..I'm gonna definitely write in detail.

  12. @Kishan P:Oh oh I hope we both win then, a travel contest!!Why should god be fair to some people and not others,he should give us a chance too..

  13. @Mahesh:Thanks Mahesh I bet you did..


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