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Some places are beautiful.It might never make it to the "Tourist's best places to visit" list for the lack of infrastructure,transport or sightseeing points nearby,but they truly are places you would love to be at.

Jharipani is one such place.You very well know at the first glimpse that you would love the place but you wouldn't know where to go next.No wonder,Mussoorie to many is an obvious choice.

A little about Oak Grove School Jharipani Uttarakhand

Oak grove school offers panoramic views of foggy mountains,the drift of clouds visible from each room view.The compound is huge in itself,a sort of a short hike.I for a minute, got enveloped in my dreamy world of Kendriya Vidyalaya at various places in the past I have had been to.This school was a beauty I would have loved to rewind my past for.

Jharipani transport

It is difficult to get a transport from Oak Grove School Jharipani to any place.We chose to trek on Day 1 because we got bored of waiting for our bus,which never came.As we couldn't get a bus even after a wait of 2 hours,we cancelled our trip to Mussoorie in Uttarakhand on Day 1 and decided to trek to Jharipani waterfall.We could have taken a taxi on call to Mussoorie,but we chose not to as the taxi was a little costly option and we definitely wanted to save money.

Call It Destiny

Uttarakhand of late,is in news for all the wrong reasons "landslides,landslides,floods,heavy rains".While we assume the places at higher altitude would be affected most,we forget that there might be other places that could have been affected as a consequence.

Call it destiny.I totally enjoy the trek which makes me discover the undiscovered land coupled with surprises you would be amused to hear as we go further.

A trek is

What is a trek?Have you ever climbed a small secluded hillock for fun?It need not be some famous hill top,just some random peak you felt like climbing.

"It is called the feeling of in-saneness,and for some reason or the other it makes you happy"

Jumping Fences

Escape through the partly grilled fences of the side of the basket ball court of oak grove school to discover a place you would love the journey to,if not the end. Ahh .fences how much pleasure it gives me to jump or bow down one.

Just recently I had an amazing desire to visit Pakistan,just out of curiosity to see how the other side is.With the LOC so near to Wagah and Kashmir its a tempting yet dangerous wish.But then when I posted my wish to do so,I found many supporters on my FB page,so I am not alone to feel the unknown land across the fences and borders

Back to fences,all thanks to non-availability of transport for Mussoorie and misguidance by the local shopkeepers,we were there, right there bowing down fences to reach the waterfall villagers have told us about.

The Landslide,Leech and Finally we reach

With every broken rock I jumped,keeping my shoes carefully weighing down all the possible mental algebra I could,every thorn I bowed at,every landslide which seemed impossible to cross with mud sinking beneath,with roads that were cut ,with every turn that was slippery we finally reached just a few meters away from the waterfall.

The water gushing the sound tempting us to take the last final decision "Shall we cross the 2-3 cracked logs which was placed just at the end with the deep down view of flowing water".Not that we didn't try,but as the rains had dampened the rocks,our only support system was too slippery for a support.We could have balanced ourselves if there were people or villagers around.We were alone.

Cracked logs,dampened rocks,If only I had wings of a superman!

Leeches "I hate you but I love you" 

I for one hate the leeches for untold leech attacks on my leg,visible only when I saw my shoe turning red out of the blue.But love the expertise with which they bite.No pain.Only red!

We weren't sure if it was leeches or the fences,so we consulted the medical at the school.

A tip:The best way to shoo away leeches and stop blood is to rub salt all over.  

Jharipani Otherwise

-Worth visiting for a day trip from Mussoorie

-More than the waterfall the trek is worth 100%

-Do not cross fences because they are there for good.If you do want to, know the situation of the landslide beforehand by cross verifying with locals.We had to bow down the fences as they were placed to warn us for the way ahead.

-But still if you love to break the rules,enjoy the journey as we did :)

Coming up next: Mussoorie A Fun Filled Journey

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  1. I have never been there. Nice to hear about this place.

  2. Though I have been to Jharipani but never knew as mush as you have told about it:) Thanks!

  3. You are backpacking everywhere except France. :) Let me know if you come this way.

  4. @Sabyasachi:Thanks a lot ,do visit the place whenever you get time

  5. @AmitAag:Really!Thanks to unavailability of bus that day,we really enjoy jharipani,even more than Mussoorie

  6. @Nona:Yeah will surely do.Probably we can meet up sometime in future if I ever drop in France

  7. Wow. What a trek! The leeched foot is scary... But am sure the trek made up for it.


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