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"Mam I Google about Skydiving Mysore,Skydiving Dhana,Skydiving India I get confused,there are different rates,different dates different venues what shall I do?I do not even know how safe are each of them?I am confused,I really want to go for it"-Day before yesterday when I got this call,I wasn't surprised,this was bound to happen.Information overload on Internet,in fact so much information that if I Google it now,there would be 20+ sites which opens up!But at the end of this confusion and his desire to jump the poor chap decided Thailand would be a better option.And why not!

For details mail me at / with the Subject line:Skydiving Ankionthemove or call me at 9845088909

Let's take Skydiving in India a little easy

There are two upcoming dates for skydiving in Dhana/Mysore.The event is being conducted by Kakini Enterprises.

26th Oct-28th Oct : Skydiving Dhana
9th Nov-15th Nov : Skydiving Mysore

How do I know it?

I belong to a profession where I interact with adventure folks on a daily basis,I have taken interviews of scuba divers,entrepreneurs and people who are now my friends.I know it,because they do it.As simple as that.

How safe is Skydiving?

As safe as any other adventure sports.Do you think any adventure sports guarantee you 100% safety?They do not,that is why we sign up an indemnity form.This holds true for all adventure sports.Have you tried bungee in Rishikesh,or even rafting there,you do have an indemnity form to sign,but does that stop you from trying?It's as safe as walking down the crowded roads of Bangalore,or even more safer :)

How safe is Skydiving in India?

Recently one of my friend had a genuine concern,Why would I do it here if adventure sports are taken so lightly in this part of the world.Fact is skydiving per se,is being happening for a year with 0 accidents till date.Of course you wouldn't get the views of new zealand beneath you,but going to New zealand itself would cost you a bomb!Isn't it?

Types of Skydiving?

In Tandem Skydiving, jump participant is connected via a harness to the instructor. The instructor guides the participant through the whole jump from exit through free fall, piloting the canopy, and landing. The participant needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jump.
Jump is carried out at 10,000 ft. Few Hours of training is required for participant

In Static Skydiving jump, participant jumps alone with the parachute, and the parachute  is deployed immediately after leaving the plane, regardless of actions taken or not taken by the parachutist. One instructor is in the aircraft who assist in jumping from the aircraft, and other who is on ground helps in landing by  giving instructions through radio contact.Jump is carried out at 4000 ft. Participant undergoes 1.5 days of training

Why is Skydiving so costly?

Static solo jump is best way to learn skydiving and it's cheap in India.Tandem is costly and we all are aware.Fact is even airfares within India are costly than abroad.If you can get the air fuel and the plane(preferably air asia) with the approvals from DGCA and the airports,we are game!We might even treat you for free :P

The Skydiving details for Dhana:

Camp dates - 26th oct - 28th oct
Static line jumper will report on 26th 0800 am
Jumps on 27th and 28th
Tandem jumpers will report a day before 1800 pm

The Skydiving details for Mysore:

Camp 1
9th nov - 11th nov
Static line jumper will report on 9th 0800 am
tandem jumpers will report a day before 1800 pm
Camp 2
13th nov - 15th nov

Static line jumper will report on 13th 0800 am
tandem jumpers will report a day before 1800 pm

Static line skydiving costs you approx 18k for 3 days training and jump,tandem skydiving costs you approx 35 k.

You still find it costly?

Check out the previous dates and rates ;) Previous Skydiving Rates And Dates

Any previous Skydiving experiences?

Shweta shares with us her skydiving in Pondicherry experience Shweta's Skydiving Experience

Skydiving previous camp testimonial

Skydiving in The Hindu

Where to Skydive?

Easy,choose a place which is near

For folks from MP,Delhi,Bombay :  Skydive in Dhana
For folks from Chennai,Bangalore,Pondicherry,Mangalore,Mysore: Skydive in Mysore

Who does it,really?

Tricky question.Call me up and I'll flood you with details on that part.For now the base camp is Dhana and Deesra(gujrat),the camps keeps on changing depending on the number of people interested.In last 6 months,it been happening all over eg Pondicherry Baramati and now Mysore.

I want to get along my travel buddies to Skydiving,will my efforts be appreciated?

I know it's tough to convince your friends to jump off the plane,but if you still manage to,you'd get a referral discount,so your skydiving becomes more affordable to you and your friends.It involves maths and 10% flat for 5 friends you get along!It's just a token of appreciation for your hard work,so get along friends.

How to confirm your skydiving slots?

Mail me at or call me at 9845088909.In most cases I respond back in a day,in case I do not,I must be travelling,and would send you a short message on getting back to you.That's not called customer service that's called friendship.

And people ask me,its sad but they do,what do I gain out of it?

Well,your once in a lifetime experience,and that fact that my blog makes it so easily accessible to you.


  1. Useful info. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. That was useful info... Didn't know its coming so close... week days and 35k are the hurdle.. let me see

  3. @Niranjan:Thanks Niranjan,spread the word amongst your friends..There are very few people who know about skydiving in India.

  4. @Shrinidhi:Hey its not weekdays,9th nov is a friday,10th sat 11th sun,if you are planning to do a tandem you can try,on any day.So you can come on sun and jump.For static solo its a training of 3 days,for tandem no training required.

  5. @Shrinidhi:Hey its not weekdays,9th nov is a friday,10th sat 11th sun,if you are planning to do a tandem you can try,on any day.So you can come on sun and jump.For static solo its a training of 3 days,for tandem no training required.

  6. Thanks for the information. I have seen many of my friends do the tandem jump. Is it a requirement for beginners? Or can anybody also do the static jump even if you're a first-timer?

  7. @Rachel Matteson:Hey thanks for dropping by.Tandem is not a requirement for beginners,in fact we suggest people to go for a full fledged static line training first and jump solo than do a tandem,because you learn that way.Tandem is more popular in international destination because its cheaper.

  8. i never experience sky driving before. wish to do it. im excited to hear that it is available in mysore.


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