About The Website part 2 ,Tribute


To those who helped me!

I call this website of mine a "project",funny as it may sound,it is indeed work for me."I have an image of being so notorious that I'd rather sing or dance than work on desk ;) "but those are false claims,I know even my colleagues dun hate me.So,before I begin with my project,I'd like to name few people in my life.I think they owe me a thanks.No matter this website gonna be a "HIT" or a "MISS",I know somehow these guys will be around.

Claps to Vab,for being with me even on weekends!!And I know u must be glad that this has come to an end for now.For Bangalore.

Thanks to my Parents.Love you.I know this one is my craziest venture so far,but it really felt great wen dad said "do wat your heart says",so yes,I m doing wat it says.Thanks to both of you.

Thanks to my brother Gaurav,I wish I had more brothers like him or may be more friends.Hitting a 120 speed on dad's Maruti at hilly terrains and not sleeping days and nights to cover certain distance was crazy but fun.I totally adore you,you're great.

Thanks to my school friends Payal and Charan for giving me ideas on why don't I write something.Well,you know me,I can write long mails to my friends but writing on a mature and sincere topic,not me. :P.This is an attempt.Need ur luck.

Thanks to my school friends Pranav,Adit and Kartik for being around.Pranav,I have made you dizzee enough with my mails,so this time,I want to make the aam janta of Bangalore feel the heat!!Adit,yaar dekh,life me pagalpan is important,terse i m lil inspired.Kartik,I knw tu tharki hai,dun mind ;),but yes you've given me direction ,and i m enjoying every moment of it ,so thanks.

Thanks to Deepti,Its been great knowing you.Bangalore would have been a lil lonely if you wouldn't have been around.

Thanks to Ankur,yaar dekh if I had told you before it wouldn't have been a surprise.It was gr8 fun capturing Bannerghetta and decathlon with you,without you being aware wat i was upto.Its great that me,vab and u still roam as college friends.I hope that never change.Thanks for your feedback and ideas as well.

Thanks to Vab,Mom,Dad,Gaurav,Ankur,Deepti,Payal,Bhartendu,Sudipto,Dinesh,Siddharth on giving me ideas on how to improve on the webpage.Will try to improve on it in a day or two.stay tuned.

I know most of you who are reading this,it must sound funny since I am no great personality or author or photographer or anyone of highest significance why am i paying tribute.It sounds like,I am part of fem miss India and someones asking me "who do you think made you reach so far" and I would politely say "Mother Teresa","princess Diana" .well no.I am just a gal next door,and in this bhag daud of life,searching for love,life,career,direction,profession,etc etc..I had forgotten people who were there with me along.

Like they say its never too late to say a "THANKS".


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  1. Good start... came to know abt u from Deepu... Heard abt ur adventurous journey by road from Bangalore to Dehradun on a Maruthi 800.. Hats off for tat!! Wish u all the best for the upcoming journeys...

    P.S. Bangalore will be alone when Deepu goes abroad.. :)

  2. hey thanks,yes it was quite adventurous and happening journey all the way.
    I am going to miss deepu when she goes abroad,she always has stories.. :)

  3. Great website.. bahut accha banayi ho


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