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Tipu Sultan Palace Ceilings

Kings and Queens of the era begone,
The era celebrated and cherished
Oh Tipu Sultan Palace,the summer retreat,
Would you prove to be a treat,
Or would you turn out to be just another palace.

What Internet Says??

-A beautiful wooden palace which served as the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan is situated a little south of the fort near 'city market' at Krishna Rajendra Road and Albert Victor Road junctions.

-Kempe Gowda first raised this fort with mud in 1537.

- In 1761, Hyder Ali renovated it to standard stone structure.

- Portions of Tipu Sultan palace got destroyed during battle between Britishers and Tipu sultan. Tipu Sultan, son of Hyder Ali, repaired the damage.

-Tipu Sultan Palace has five intricately sculpted arches. The walls and ceilings were once covered with bright paintings that have now faded into pale whisper over the centuries. 

-A temple dedicated to Hindu deity Ganesha can be found inside the Tipu sultan palace. There is also a museum that houses a large number of artifacts that proclaim bravery of Tipu Sultan. 

Visiting Hours of Tipu Sultan Palace: 08:00am to 06:0pm 

What Anki Says??

Tipu Sultan Palace Ticket Information,general information

The Tipu Sultan Palace is very near to Lalbagh Botanical Garden.The ticket over the counter is Rs 5 and there are no camera fees.The palace is a two story building with the small garden at the entrance.The pillars and carvings are unique and are painted in red,brown,cream.Since there wasn't much to see here,I asked the caretaker what the palace stands for.

Tipu Sultan Palace Entrance
He said mam Tipu used to sit on that chair above and give orders.The Tipu Sultan palace was too small to be called a palace.I found the building opposite to be more palace like,and shockingly it was some eye hospital which was a very beautiful old structured monument.

Tipu Sultan Palace Front View
Advantage:As it is near to Lalbagh Botanical Garden,if at all you come to Lalbagh,visit this palace and it should not take more time ,while you can have gr8 time mesmerising the carvings

Disadvantage:Biggest disadvantage,Tipu Sultan palace doesn't have a parking space and the area around are no parking zones.

Timings: 8 am -6 pm



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