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Nandi Hills,Bangalore

Well,today lets play the game of maps.As I said I have travelled extensively,I have a habit of marking places which I visited so far and which I am yet to cover.

My travel MAP

Google map is a good invention,it had helped me a lot.So well,as I said in my first post,I had got a map of Bangalore,and I was trying to figure out what all places to cover.But with each place comes a budget.and money is something which I am short of since childhood ;).No,I cant say I m poor, I simply dun belong to that rich elite class,but my wardrobe tells an entirely different story.All the money has to go into it.For reasons even I dun know.I am pretty addicted to clothes.I justify myself with that if tomorrow I've got no money and I am jobless,I would still have my clothes with me.Well girls never change.:). Dad's got fed up ,Vab got fed up and Pranav got fed up of making me see sense through money,but here I go careless,carefree watever you call.

So wen I decided to roam around Bangalore,I had no money.Some savings,may be cauz the malls have started storing woolen clothes,and I m not into woolens.What has woolens got to do in Bangalore,where the whole year the temperature remains constant.Or may be dip to lil 1 or 2 degrees down.Whoever has faced the chill in their spine in north India,would know that Bangalore has very decent temperature year round.That's why there are so many activities going around,cycling to rock climbing to concerts.I must say Bangalore is a happening city.Before Bangalore I used to think Delhi is happening.Pretty gals and guys soaring temperatures,harsh winters to super hot summers,the Janpath and the pubs,even the weekend gateways were interesting,one of my fav being Rishikesh and Leh.

But wen I came to Bangalore.I realised there's more to this city than pretty gals and guys.There are other things to look out for,and explore.Besides the congested and not so well planned traffic and roads,there are concerts,and events,and marathons.

So with the lil money I have and with the desire to explore the city,I took my digital camera with me!!!I dun flaunt a DSLR,I dun have one.Neither I think its worth investing in it,at the moment,when I can try out scuba certificate with the 50 k that it costs.Hell,Why are cameras so costly!!!No regrets,I think I can still take pretty ok pictures,not the glam sham ones which you see in magazines but yes pretty ok.So here I go...

First think first.You either need a map,when you are straight out of the railway station or of airport.Bangalore airport is far off from the city(its 40 kms from the city,going to catch an evening flight amidst 8 pm traffic jam is itself an adventure),so it makes no sense that I tell u directions taking airport as point of reference,So I will be guiding you from railway station as a point of reference.Hope you find it useful,please excuse me for my grammatical mistakes (if any) cauz I shud tell u,I am no writer,and well how much ever my parents have tried,I still cant learn those hifi words in English and Hindi for that matter.I give myself a rating of 5/10 on both languages,hey that's how my website gonna work,based on ratings and look I am so much into it that I have started rating myself as well.This is my rating:

Etiquette:4/10(my friends know it!!! and i might improve to 10/10 if I adopt the well mannerisms of prince and kings of Bangalore palace)
Overall:06/10(i have 70 more years to improve...)

Lets rate Bangalore my way:

Language Acceptability:09/10

In spite of large number of Kannadigas here,we have janta from all states and quite large in number,so whether you're from Punjab,Up,Bihar,Mp, Maharashtra or Manipur,you'd be accepted.


The weather's awesome throughout,no shivering winters no harsh summers.Only drawback to this that many people complain of allergies or sinus or hay fever or asthma,so i can say its not a very healthy climate to begin with. They say its cauz of large number of pollens in this city.


The traffic in Bangalore is crazy!!The city is not planned traffic wise,the roads are wider in suburbs,but the main city remains chaotic.With the new bridges coming up and being constructed for years now to welcome Bangalore metro in certain sections the narrow roads have nothing to offer you at peak time.The traffic moves at snail pace and sometimes takes hours to cross even a distance of like 5-10 kms.


Bangalore is an expensive city.Whether you want to buy a flat,or you want to hire an auto.It is expensive.Fruits,Veggies,Petrol rate,airfares,every damn is costly here.Sometimes,it will be cheaper to go to Chennai and catch a flight,than take it from here unless you have booked it months before.


There are malls and malls everywhere.With new and international brands coming up,one can say that Bangalore is a cool place to shop.I find Delhi more trendy,i got to compare it cauz nowadays there are malls everywhere.


There are 50+ weekend gateways from Bangalore and I have explored quite a few and I must say they are nice.There are options available all you got to do ,is find out and have fun.


Only city in India,which is called pub city among youth.Though all the pubs close at 11:30 Cinderella style,they are still very much of international standards.With liquor,to music,to dance,the city might make you fall in love with its pub culture.There are concerts almost every month,and there's a huge scope of arts and theatre as well.There are bicycle clubs,bike clubs and there are farms, vineyards.There are adventure clubs, Bangalore mountaineering,thrillophelia,where you can learn and indulge in adventure sports.


Lets gets started:Lalbagh Botanical Garden

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