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Travel is my passion,something I live for and swear by. I have travelled extensively in India including Himalayas to Seas to Islands to Dunes.And each time the picture is different,for example I have been to Leh thrice only to realize that it changes colour every season.Winters rough and more dry while summers blue and green.Though at one time,you see rough roads,and get sad and worrisome,the warmth of people here make you happy.Wats a journey without some bumps!Adventure sports is something that excites me to the core,so I am here,Ankita, your editor to make your journey adventurous.Cauz life is all about having some fun.Lets start with Bangalore.

Here's my travel map as per Nov 2011,the one's marked in continuous are road trips..and the ones marked separate are by train or air..Still to discover Arunachal And Lakshwadeep.Wish me luck

I am off to backpacking the world soon,anyone interested may join in.Thanks.

I live in Bangalore for the past 1.5 years,and suddenly realised that there might be more interesting things to do and places to visit than the regular forum mall and MG road.So,I decided to put my urge to shop to a halt for some weeks and decided to roam around in Bangalore and find new and upcoming events .Well,to begin with,I never had a MAP with me,but I got one from the nearby oxford bookstore,just to know which all places are tourist spots in Bangalore.I googled Bangalore,and I found some more places.


Why Bangalore?When most of the Indians are backpacking their bags to the nearest Ooty or Kodaikanal or Coorg to even distant places like Leh and Andamans,and some even to international locations,then why Bangalore.I know all of u must ask me this,cauz every website on travel or any guide buk contains information about weekend gateways from Bangalore ranging from Mysore to Coorg to Hampi.And I ask you,why not?For people like us who are too busy to go outside the city,and make long plans according to office leaves,its best we know the city we live better.No doubt,the gateways provide us better doors to nature and serenity,but what if we want to have a weekend that relax us,excite us.


And I am here to make your weekends happy,If at all you live in Bangalore.Lets begin with what the guide buk says.I never read it before and had heard it from many people there's lal bagh and there's ulsoor lake.But the names never excited me much to try them all.But today is a different day ,for today I got that zeal to explore Bangalore as much as I can.

The website will showcase you a video depending upon the following categories:
1)Tourist spots

The video will contain the clippings and information on the places to make you understand it better and make a conscience choice.There would be rating given to each destination depending on how its been portrayed on internet / press and how it is in reality.The rating is based on my personal choice and can differ from person to person.

Each video will have several blogs containing detailed information about the places,its advantages ,disadvantages,accessibility and affordability combined with a map.There might be a brief history,the idea is not to bore you,but make a decision on whether a place is actually worth it.


I might be taking you to other places soon

Hope you find it interesting and helpful.


FAQS of www.ankionthemove.com

1)Why doesn't all the destination contain videos?

Ans: Except a few of the places which I traveled recently,and have tried to capture it with my video cam,Ex: Bangalore,Chennai,Kolavam, All the other places have been traveled by me in the last 6 years,when I had a small camera with me.Hence the pictures.

2)Am I open to making videos of other exotic destinations?

Ans: Of course,would love to.But right now falling short of money to capture all.In the future,yes,if a company makes me travel and take videos or sponsor me,then why not!

3)When is the blog updated in a month?

Ans: I try to add a post every day,but for days when I am travelling,I miss to add the post.Till now I've tried to update it every day or if not possible every two days.

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