Transport In Bangalore


Transport In Bangalore

Now that I've rated the city based on cost of living,shopping,weather etc,I would like to help you with how to proceed once in Bangalore railway station,airport through my video.


Bangalore Railway Station:

Bangalore City is the main railway station in Bangalore which is situated near majestic.There are other stations as well:
1)Bangalore City Junction
2)Cantonment Railway Station
3)Banaswadi Railway Station
4)Krishnarajapuram Railway Station
5)Yeshwantpur Railway Station

Railway Station In Bangalore

What Anki Says??

I would focus on the main railway station first.When you reach Bangalore station,there's chaos everywhere.Everyone seems to be too busy to stop and answer your queries.So what to do next?Every station in India is lil chaotic in a way,unless you have someone coming to pick u up it just get difficult sometimes.

Taking an Auto from the Bangalore Railway Station

The station has 2 entrance.The front entrance is opposite the Kempedowda bus stand and the other entrance is where you find the pre paid auto booth.Once you are near the front entrance,there are taxi walas and auto walas asking you where you would want to go.As a newcomer this might irritate you as you would be pretty clueless about the rates and places.

Same as Kolkata,if you've been to Kolkata,you would understand wat I mean wen I say that it gets chaotic.You can head straight to the auto stand where you can take autos and go to your destination.But beware,the autos charge you more than the meter says,usually.In 1.5 years its only twice that they took me by meters.Then the night charges are 1.5 times the usual charge,might get a lil costly.

Taking a Volvo from the Bangalore Railway Station

So wat you can do is take the under bridge right next to auto stand and you would reach the bus stand.The buses are cool here, Volvo AC buses and they take you to your location and they don't rob you either.

If you have time,you can go all the way to the back entrance and take a pre paid auto.If you're hungry,there's cumsum.

What internet says??

Bangalore City Railway station is located across the Kempegowda Bus Station in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is an important hub of the South Western Railway. The station has 10 platforms and two entrances.

Bangalore City is considered as a junction as tracks from 2 sides merge. However unlike other junctions the tracks do not merge before the station but directly enter into the station. Platforms 1 to 7 service trains going towards Bangalore Cantonment connecting to Chennai and Salem railway lines. Platforms 8 to 10 service trains coming via Yeshwantpur from Hubli. Platforms 1 to 4 terminate at Bangalore. Platforms 5 to 10 service trains going towards Mysore. There are railway lines between Platforms 4 and 5 that are used as the railway yard.

Bangalore Airport

What Anki Says??

The airport, which replaced the old HAL Bangalore International Airport is located in Devanahalli, 40km outside of the city of Bangalore. It is spread over 4,000 acres of land.So if you're arriving in Bangalore or departing from Bangalore,either ways you need to have ample time in hand to reach your location,considering the bad traffic Bangalore has.

Cab or a volvo from the Bangalore Airport

When you reach the airport,and claim your baggage,right at the end of the exit,you would see the prepaid taxi booth.Either you can book a Meru cab or a city cab or an easy cab from the airport which might cost you anywhere between Rs 800 to the main city.Or else you can cross the terminal,head straight to the bus stop and get a BIAS bus which is convenient and they have various bus for various locations.I think the airport is organised in that way,no other city offers you bus service the way Bangalore does.There's plenty of options for food ,beverages on airport and outside.There's CCD,barista to name a few.

Airport In Bangalore

What internet says?

Bangalore Airport Location:
Devanahalli, 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of the city center.
Bangalore Airport Travel Time to City Center:
One to two hours.

Bangalore Airport User Development Fee:

Departing international passengers must pay a 1,070 rupee ($25) fee, and domestic passengers 260 rupees.

Bangalore Airport Overview:
Bangalore is the third busiest airport in India, with over 10 million passengers a year. The airport is brand new and has been constructed by a private company. It opened in May 2008. For a new airport, it's quite disappointing and not as good as the new Hyderabad airport. Despite having much improved facilities, the main issue is that the airport is too small -- particularly the departures area and toilets. It's also located a long way from the city center. Another drawback is the costly user development fee that's levied.
Bangalore Airport Terminals:
Both the domestic and international terminals at Bangalore airport are in the same building, and share the same check-in hall.
Bangalore Airport Facilities:
Free wireless internet is available in the terminal building, however users must get a password sent to their mobile phone.
There's a separate access lane for passengers with special needs. Airlines will also provide wheelchair assistance.
Porters can be hired to carry luggage.
Money exchange counters and ATMs are provided.
The terminal has a shopping area, with a number of shops and duty free outlets.
There are also airline lounges and a sports bar.

Bangalore Metro

What internet says??

With traffic decongestion being the key, the primary aim of the Bangalore Metro is to encourage commuters to leave their vehicles in their garages and use public transport. Positioned as a complementary, rather than competitive mode of transport, the Bangalore Metro will work in tandem with other transport systems like buses and mono rails.

The city bus corridors will not run parallel to Bangalore Metro corridors, instead buses will act as feeders. The mono rail network planned for the city will not overlap with that of the metro, but will connect at major junctions as feeders.

On certain high density corridors, three wheelers will be regulated. Feeder bus services will be provided to all the metro stations. Bus bays and parking facilities for private vehicles will be available at all major stations. State-of-the-art  satellite bus-cum-metro terminals are being planned in the city outskirts, to control the entry of inter-city buses.

The Bangalore Metro will be integrated with Railways and other modes of transport at Baiyappanahalli Railway Station in the East, Yeshwantpur Railway Station in the North and Bangalore City Railway Station and Kempegowda Bus Stand in the Central parts of the city.

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