Pottery Town Bangalore:Photos,Review,Videos


                              Me Working on a Statue with a potter @ Pottery Town, Bangalore
                                                                             Lets play in the mud,
                                                                 Lets shape it size it paint it draw it,
                                                                   Lets make faces we love n hate.
                                                                           Lets not forget the potters,
                                                                   and their work at the Pottery Town.
                                                                   Diyas and lamps we play and light.
                                                          Those are the ones who make our nights bright.

Wat Internet says about the Pottery Town in Bangalore?

There’s not much information on Internet ,all it says is:

Pottery Town is an old Place in Bangalore area where people from decades have been into Pottery making,Clay Mud artifacts of Lord Ganesha are made during vinayaka chathurthi.

Wat Anki Says about the Pottery Town, Bangalore?
A video review of Pottery Town, Bangalore:

Ever wondered how the diyas during the festivals are made.We don't care do we?Today I am introducing you guys to the new world of potters,right here in the middle of the city,a lane known as Pottery Town.

                                    The rains play with the mud in the vase @ Pottery Town Bangalore

So well,I had a map of Bangalore with me and the name sounded too interesting to not try.While driving to the Pottery town,I saw herds of sheep in the sheep market and they said they were preparing for the upcoming EID Slaughter.

                                    Pots piled in front of the potter's home@Pottery town Bangalore

I moved further,there's this small lane which is known as Pottery lane,better to ask locals before reaching there.They say it's an old place in Bangalore where people have been making Pottery for decades.There's always a high demand of pottery specially during festivals.

                                       Pots ready to face the heat of the Kiln @ Pottery Town Bangalore
The Potters make traditional clay lamps, water pots, cups, flower pots, vases, candle holders and statues of gods.Pots of every size and shape were piled in front of their homes.

                                                     Mud Shiva Linga @ Pottery Town Bangalore

I went inside one of them,and asked that do they make it themselves or get it from somewhere else.The lad directed me to another house where Pots and Vases were made.Since it was raining that day,I couldn't find a single Potter at the wheel and they told me that they needed sunlight for their work to dry.So I moved into another home,where I met a Potter working on the statue.In the background,I could listen to a sweet Bengali song being played.I asked him "Are you from Bengal", he said yes.and he asked me back are you ? I said no,it didn't surprise him.He went on with his work with the precise and perfect dedication.I was there for quite some time.So I asked Mr. Potter what brought him to Bangalore as there's huge demand of clay during festivals in Kolkata itself.He said work and family.Well not getting into much of detail in the conversation,I concentrated on how the statue was being made,and did try my hand at it..though just for a few seconds

     The raindrops fill the vessel,while many Potters decided to sleep in their own sweet mud huts,some of the  potters were into the work come what may!

It was fun,the simplicity of their live is so endearing,that I almost forgot my own lifestyle,urban,busy and complicated.He was in no hurry.Great , maybe I should have been a Potter.I came out,and clicked some pictures of the venue. Surprisingly,I found a lady asking me money for the clicks,I have heard pottery town is famous with the photographers.

I am no professional,I don't even have a DSLR. So I moved out fast,but yes I can say if you're in Bangalore,and not heading to the malls the otherwise favorite hangout with friends and family,you can come to Pottery town and see how potters work with their wheels and creative hands and may be you can bargain a decent piece of pots and lamps.

There are very few places in Bangalore where you can learn the art of clay painting,potter away and paint pottery.Some of them are Claytopia in Indiranagar,Doodleden in Richmond town,and The Color Factory in Richmond Town.People coming into Claytopia are at liberty to pick up anything that might take their liking and go give vent to creative abandon on a nice piece of clay.Doodleden has a lovely area with pottery area to squish,squash and have a blast.

Disadvantage:Locating Pottery town is a task in itself as there are narrow roads which leads to the lane.Better to ask locals

Advantage:Can get a chance to see potters at the wheel ,also can bargain a decent piece of pots and lamps.


Overall I can say,visiting Pottery Town Bangalore was a good experience,do visit it to know how Potters work,it really is interesting.


  1. Good piece of information.
    Planning to visit tomorrow morning.
    Hope to catch some potters on the wheels... Fingures crossed.
    Thanks again Anki :)

  2. @KK: Glad you liked it:).All the best for your day tommorow,i am sure you will find potters on wheels,its not rainy days anymore..and tomorow is ugadi,it must be one of the busiest days for them,these festivals are..

    Do post your pics on my blog or send it to me at ankionthemove@gmail.com and i'll add it with your name and credentials.

    My idea of writing this blog was to help people to not get confused on how the places would be ,but just give them the true picture,so do share your pics.

  3. love how you use videos and photos together. What is the best way to get there? Driving? Taking a public transportation?

  4. FootTrackerLuvya:Thanks a lot luvya,love your blog too.Are you basically from San Fransisco?I went driving to pottery town,though you can take an auto from Bangalore Cantt Railway Station as it is very near from there.

  5. Very informative......thanks for sharing.

  6. Interesting article. I am in the process of learning wheelwork and would love to visit this place to see the work of the real potters.
    Thanks for sharing :)

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  8. Hi Anki. i like your post, if you are interested to learn pottery you can visit Claystation. its in HSR layout

  9. Hi Anki, if you want to learn pottery you can visit Claystation in HSR layout. Its a studio and they have classes where in you can learn the art. :)

  10. hi happy new to all
    now v get osam collection of design and color ful pots at wilson garden
    yup n it had super n various collections of garden elements
    u can call thm at 9035325952

  11. Hi,

    I have been learning pottery at clay station but am looking for some personalized training.
    Can someone give me a contact?


  12. I am thinking of visiting it tomorrow :)

  13. I too went to pottery town after reading this blog. Although my experience was totally different, I can never say it was not exciting. I also discovered a hidden side of the town, which is dark and humorous at the same time.

    You can read my experience here

  14. Hello people can any one suggest where can I get a Potter who can create a human face portrait

  15. Where is this place in bangalore i mean which area?

  16. A similar area exists in Pune city also, called as Kumbhar wada. It is interesting to visit and learn, and in the end buy some tiny pots, bring them home.

  17. A very useful information thanks for sharing

  18. Very Nice Post. I am very happy to see this post. Such wonderful information to share with us. I would like to share it with my friends.

  19. For Bangalore its very good information. Its traditional India .Thanks a lot for sharing


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