Clean India : Why,How,Where Part 2




The Ugly Indian, an uncategorizable Bangalore-based community organization, has been on my radar for more than a year. They have a fresh approach towards solving the problem of urban cleanliness; an approach that starts with acknowledging that we ("us Indians") have abysmal standards of public hygiene; an internalization that "WE Ugly Indians are part of the problem and only WE can fix it.

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An amazing blog which contains all the videos and places on what "The Ugly Indian" so far has achieved,



Ecofreaks is a non-profit and is primarily driven by volunteers who share similar passion to see their localities, cities and country, a cleaner and more salubrious place to live in. We don't charge a penny form anyone as no one asks for rewards for cleaning one's own HOME.

Their mission is to clean. Be it streets littered with garbage or dump yards, be it ugly posters on the walls or people urinating along the roadside. No blaming the government or preaching to people. If you are fed up with the garbage dump in your locality or the dirty abandoned corner near your place, just drop a mail to us and we will help you clean it, completely FREE OF COST.

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Come,Clean India

Come, Clean India is a national movement to make, and keep, public spaces clean in India. The movement is generating a national will and action among the people, parliamentarians, and government of India to solve the problem of cleanliness.

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"KEEP ROHTANG PASS CLEAN" by Youth Hostels India

Rohtang Pass (el. 13,051 ft (3,978 m)) 51 KM from Manali, is a high mountain pass that connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh. India. We had organized our first Trekking Programme in Manali area of Himachal Pradesh in 1970. Since then, we had never looked back and have been organizing programmes in Kullu-Manali regularly. During all these years, we have seen Rohtang Pass getting dirtier and polluted as thousands of tourists visit Rohtang Pass every day in the tourist season. They use their own cars, taxis and other vehicles to go to this Pass to enjoy snow and allied sports. Due to our long association with this region, we feel concerned about the deteriorating environment and pollution at such an important pass.

During MAY 2009, MAY 2010 and MAY, 2011 we have successfully completed the programme wherein our volunteers gave their services which was highly appreciated by the tourists and local administration. Once again as part of the strategy to continue the programme it was decided to organize this year also during the month of MAY 2012.


  1. Loved your post! Really need this message to go out there, almost all of us hate the filth that lies around, but we have made it a habit to tolerate it...time we change.

  2. @TUI Fan: Thanks.I agree,its so disgusting sometimes to walk on the roads and footpath which day by day degrades.We are so used to the unclean dirty pan strained walls that we never care.Its sometime back i was walking past total mall in outer ring road,and i saw heaps of garbage with cows!!!!change is the need of the hour :)


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