Every time I try to break up with the idea of uncertainty that travelling the world puts me in,I find my life more organised with every place.Every place in the world is different and dating each is like gaining lessons through experiences and fun that nothing else can ever teach me.As geeky as It may sound,I don't travel the world for lessons,I travel the world because lessons are such a tiny part of the magnanimous experiences I have.I travel the world simply because I like travelling the world.And who doesn't?

Few years back,confined in my place,I had never thought that within 3.5 years,I would be in 18 countries.And these countries are just not the number.

When most folks ask me which is my favorite,I stumble upon how can favorites be decided when each was a part of me at some point or another.These questions often become unanswered when you know that every part of the world has a story to tell and these stories make every place dear to my heart.In fact,I haven't yet been to any place which lacks culture or is hesitant to celebrate.The world is largely connected.We may never think it that way,but when you join the dots,each of them make a whole circle we call 'globe'.

I try to connect these dots by presenting myself in my self-created travel videos on each place,pictures that are live,adventure sports that are prevalent and stories that are my own personal experiences.I am thankful to all those countries/brand which supported me to present the 'world' to the 'world' and to all those countries 'who never knew I was there' but 'I backpacked it nevertheless'.The idea is to outgrow the notion of difficult travel.Travel is your choice.How you do it is your choice too.And when you open your heart,the world is more than happy to make 'you' their baby.

Watch me as I take you through my self-created travel videos series

My madness for Travel and Adventure for the last 3.5 years has made me cycle on the Commonwealth Track in Scotland,Skydive in India,Heli Ride over Niagara,Yodel in Switzerland,Cooking and Boxing in Thailand,Seaplanes in Scotland,Backpacking in Maldives and many others...

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  1. Hi, i just found you. Love your style! There is a vibrancy about your writings that makes you want to read. More. And more. And your pictures, ah! A pleasure to follow you.


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