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Next Skydiving Camp: 14-16th September 2012

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The sport of jumping from an aircraft and performing acrobatic maneuvers in the air under free fall before landing by parachute.
Synonyms: Parachutism

We all have seen the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and we know by now what skydiving is...But we really are a little confused on the types of skydiving.Yes,most of us can guarantee that they do know a lot..But in simple terms how can we explain it.


A nomadic action which pumps your adrenaline to such an extent that jumping off a plane seems to be the most sane act in the world. Nether less true,it gives you a feel off "set free".


Facebook addicts would define it as a jump in which instructors are attached is skydiving..thanks to all friends and people out there,this seems to be the most safest of all.

Movie addicts could define skydiving as a jump where no one is attached,like the one Abhay,Farhan and Hritik..does in ZNMD.

TV Addict can define it as (those who have watched life me ek baar) as a jump where two instructors hold you from both sides,till you open a chute.


The Previous Skydiving fest was at Pondicherry  from 29th June-9th July at Pondicherry Airbase.There have been previous skydiving camps in Dhana MP,Baramati Pune,Deesa Gujrat and Pondicherry this year. Skydiving has finally arrived in India.Not many people know that It happens once in every two months,at various locations in India.

1)Tandem Skydiving)(Instructor piggy backing you):

Tandem skydiving is most popular for beginners. Tandem skydiving refers to a type of skydiving where a beginner or student is connected via a harness to an experienced skydiver. The experienced skydiver or tandem instructor controls the whole jump. The student needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jump.

Chutes used in tandem skydiving:

The tandem skydiving equipment is relatively different from the normal skydiving gears. Tandem skydivers use the drogue parachute. The drogue parachute is immediately deployed after leaving the plane in order to slow the free fall speed of two people. This would lengthen the duration of the jump. Tandem skydivers also use larger main parachutes so that the weight of two people can be supported.

Who can be a tandem instructor:

A tandem instructor is not just an experienced skydiver you know. There are rules and regulations that limits who may skydive with a student. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration or FFA requires a skydiver to have more than five hundred dives and three years of skydiving experience before becoming a tandem instructor.

2)Static Line(Solo Jump) Skydiving

Static line skydiving is said to be the oldest method of learning how to skydive. This is similar to the way parachuting for military airborne soldiers. They have to jump 3,000 feet high with a cord hooked on a plane that pulls your parachute open.

How are static line courses done

A static line parachute jump involves no freefall. As the student exit the aircraft, the parachute is opened by a static line attached to the aircraft. Unlike tandem skydiving, this requires the student to land on his own. But his descent to the ground is done with the guidance of radio communications.

3)Accelerated Free Fall(Solo with instructors)

The last skydiving variety that beginners could try would be the accelerated free fall. Accelerated free fall is commonly called AFF, with this training discipline, there are two certified instructors that jump off the aircraft with the students. They would accompany the students while in free fall and will hold onto the student’s harness. That is why it can also be called Harness Hold Training.

How are AFF courses in skydiving done?

The students have their own parachute with AFF. As part of the AFF training, the students are trained to handle emergency procedures. Since the students will also direct their landing, their training also includes proper landing procedures.

Since instructors would also be free falling side by side with students, they would be able to correct the student’s body positions and other problems encountered during the free fall. The students may also radio ground personnel to direct the student to the landing spot, but the student must develop the skills for solo landing.


1)The skydivers:

2) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(Short Clip)

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  1. Hi...I want to know when is it going to happen next in North India.I will book it right now.

  2. @Vineet:Not sure about North India as of now,the next camp will most probably be in dhana,MP which is 8 hours from Delhi.

  3. harish here,,,,pricing details ??

  4. @Harish: Sky diving camps @ Dhana (M.P. 8hrs from delhi)
    There are two types of jump,static and tandem and three slots 16th Aug - 18th Aug; 18th - 20th Aug; 20th - 22nd Aug.

    Static jump course with one jump 20,000/-
    Static jump course with two jump 35,000/-
    Static jump course with three jumps 45,000/-
    Static jump course with five jumps 65,000/-
    Tandem 35,000/-

    Training,Certificates,Photo Included in the package.

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  11. @Lipika & @Surabhi:The next skydiving event will be in jan in raigarh..The dates are not fixed yet.The moment it is out,will let you know.


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