#indiatravelling:Why The Best Time To Visit India Is Now


Tell me, why is the media here so negative? Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements? We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them. Why?
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

India is untamed adventure.We have complex minds but wholesome hearts.4 years back India was all I had.No bruised passports to claim for.And still India was a happy place as is today.India is changing with the times stunning everyone as what it was is no longer what today is.The funny part is 'India was always a great place to be at' and we often look back at the paradox with our degrees of non-acceptance.Many of us compare it to media reports.The remains of yesterday is today's poetry and what is today is yesterday's unbelievable.India thrive on live cultures,ready for the future and celebrating the past.The best part about travelling in India is it would never burn a hole in your pocket and there are some irresistible places out here and it's as rustic it can get.We have the Himalayas,the lush rain forests,the islands and the sand dunes.Besides India is more than the places that we go,its about the culture that we get you in,almost like a family - warm and welcoming.With the zeal in our hearts and love in our blogs,the best time to visit India is now.

You would ask what has that to do with my blog?

Ankionthemove started as a personal initiative to show the world that India is immensely diverse.India is perfectly do-able on road trips as the distances between places are not so long and the ruggedness that some parts of India has and the freshness it still retains can give many folks a trip of a lifetime.In fact our all India Road Trip was a life changer.

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India On The Move With Ankionthemove

With the awareness of growing adventure sports,the best festivals,the best cultures and convenience of amicable stays,we as Indians are proud to be an Indian. Ankionthemove tries to  capture that essence of people,places,culture and adventure into self-made and narrated travel videos,interactive blogposts,experiences and interviews.I ain't a photographer.Neither a videographer..I shiver at the very thought that I haven't had been to each place in India in the detail I wished I had.And then I realized it would possibly take a lifetime to be at every nook and corner of India.But someday that will be.

How can you contribute?

India is huge and only,you as readers can speed up the process of spreading your sweet words about each place through my blog or through yours.I,at,Ankionthemove always encourage the vision of collective blogging.

I am open to your ideas,your guest posts about your place,your travel videos,your brave initiatives that is making a difference,your new adventure you would want to talk about.Feel free to fill in the form with your ideas and watch it go live if they are worth it :) If you are a blogger,you could include your link.If you are not a blogger,well you are still a storyteller on my blog.Your names would be published with the blog post and promoted on #indiatravelling.If you wish to attach an image of a place or your self-created videos,write to me at ankionthemove@gmail.com.

..And if you wish to give feedback or scope of improvements , I'd love to hear too :)

How can you contribute as an organisation?  

Please feel free to write to me at ankionthemove@gmail.com for collaborations,guest posts/giveaways/freebies on travel brands,organizations and adventure firms.

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  1. 'Paris is always a good idea' - Audrey Hepburn
    'India is the paragon of all ideas'- Sahil Arora ( me)

    - Smitten by travel, bitten by corporate bug (currently). Wish I had time to scribe. Nevertheless, I'd continue exploring new locales and come out commenting on some of these wonderful blogs depicting India. Be on the Move! A prelude to myself and our mighty country! Will be back soon with recommendations and hopefully, contributions.


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