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I would always walk in the US, and wonder why so many products from the big brands of upholstery and embroidery are sold as Made in India. I knew we had massive talent hidden back in India, which sometimes comes up in fairs or events or even some random lady wearing a sari that is so beautiful that we all go awww and ask her where did you get it from, when she would say 'Ye to Baranas se hai'. Banarasi Saree is very well known to give to brides in her weddings.

So this April, I decided to do a trip to India for 15 days in the hope that if my written articles could throw some light on the emerging artists, their techniques and evolution. I was surprised on how much the hidden pockets of India has. Only if we all market it well, only if we all collectively support them, that would be wonderful else they too are looking for their alternative jobs for their survival.

When I was in Patna Bihar, I thought of heading to Madhubani, home to Mithila Art. Legend says this art was since the age of Ramayana and was painted on the walls during the wedding of Sita. Ever since tradition by tradition people make such art in their homes. Then I went to weavers of Bananas, Lucknow marketplace, NID of Ahmedabad and various villages of Kutch. Just to know understand the lifestyle of artisans and what is trending with them.

My hand was constantly itching to buy a lot of stuff and I bought a very few. Hope you like my new series that uncovers the artisans and weavers of India and shines their talent through. Hope you all write a little bit about them whenever you visit such place so that the world gets to know.Thanks :)


  1. its nice mem. i really appreciate it

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