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-Agneepath because no movie has been released this holiday season except for "Agneepath"

-Agneepath because its a sequel we are all curious about

-Agneepath frankly because of "Chikni Chameli"


Complete entertainment bollywood masala with lot of loopholes of the old era.Its a 3/5 kind of movie which is a complete masala package.But there are things you would fail to understand at last:

-As in why does hritik not use a gun instead of his fist in the end fight sequence

-Who killed Piggy Chopps,we miss to see the bullets through her.

-Why was PC discussing with hritik her "after he's dead plans".

-Why was the first half an hour more poetic than proper delivery of dialog.

-Why was hritik not prepared for a revenge from the goons side,and instead he preferred to celebrate the ganesh chaturthi.


The whole movie "Agneepath" was shot in Diu,because its terrain is such that it looks as if nobody can come there, it is totally cordoned off from other places. It looks like a small village next to the sea.

The  tree  at the edge of a hillside, protruding out due to erosion, with not enough soil. was man made banyan tree with fibre.


Untouched by commercialization and located in a secluded atmosphere,diu beaches are perfect places for loitering, gamboling, swimming, sun-bathing and enjoying various water-sports.These foamy beaches of Diu beckon everyone to let their hair down and have a splash.

The beaches are as follows:

1)Nagoa Beach,Diu:  

-It is the biggest and the most famous beach in Diu.

-Shaped like a horse-shoe (semi-circle), this beach is located in the Nagoa hamlet of the Bucharwada village and is around twenty minutes drive from Diu.

-The drive is quite exhilarating, as you drive through coconut groves and experience the cool breeze and the serene atmosphere on the way.

-Hoka trees surround the beach and various water sports like para-sailing, water-skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing etc are available for the tourists.

-Swimming here can be real fun.

2)The Chakratirth Beach,Diu:

-With its open auditorium and availability of changing rooms, the Chakratirth Beach, located to the south-west of Diu, is a hot favourite among the beachgoers and the tourists in Diu.

-It is located nearby the Diu town. People can indulge in different maritime activities here

-. The various landscape gardens and the serene atmosphere of this beach invites a lot of tourists every year.

3)The Ghogla Beach,Diu:

-This is a famous beach in Diu, which changes its name to Ahmedpur Mandvi on crossing the border of Gujarat.

-Swimming here is very safe.

-This golden sand beach is generally famous for the splendid view it provides of the various fishing villages, cathedrals and fortresses of Diu.

4)The Gomtimata Beach,Diu

 -The Gomtimata beach is located to the west of Diu.

-With its secluded atmosphere, incessant rolling of waves and white-sands, this beach has a mesmerizing effect on all the tourists.

-But swimming here is not a safe option, as the tides are very high.

5)The Jallandhar Beach,Diu

-Famous for the Jallandhar Shrine which is located on a hillock near the beach, it  is located at a distance of about 1km from the nearby Diu town.

-Near the shrine, there is also a famous Hindu temple of the Goddess Chandrika.

-This beach has a religious touch to it and hence is a favorite among the religious tourists.

6)The Sunset Point,Diu

-This is a small beach in Diu. This beach is also safe for swimming.

-Abundant palm trees surround the beach and the constant lapping of the sea-water is soothing to the ears.

-But women should be careful while sunbathing on this beach, as it is the most preferable beach among the local beachgoers.

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