Can travel and fashion be together? The answer is yes. And how? That's what my blog 'Styleonthemove' is about.

After venturing into a field that's pretty and dolled up, 2 years back I had a seed in my brain that why not talk fashion that is useful. After all not everyone would want to dress up like they are decked up for Fashion Show and even if sometimes, that's not what we prefer wearing daily or when we travel. Because when we travel, comfort is the most essential factor followed up with Style. Ditto for adventure, you can't jump over the cliff in high raised heels or a revealing crop top. Every thing has time and place. So why not talk fashion that effects.

Most travelers don't bother.

Style on the move is a rare initiative to talk real fashion. The one which is carefree, wild and free.

The one that exists in the online world and the one that celebrates the market. To not just review all the products that I have but review the selected few that I like and would use when I travel. To talk about how wearing strapless during travel is okay and to talk about invisible leggings that can keep you warm. To talk about brands that has got the best jackets, the best cuts, the best everything. To talk about how we really need men fashion styling , clothing and tips - lets be honest - almost about 70% of a shop section is about women and that's depressing to most men! To discuss your suggestions , problems and advice on Fashion Forum. To talk about brands that are making the mark and brands that are missing it. To talk about foldable jackets, to talk about making jewelry, to talk about anything new.. To know how to get Indian stuff outside India and outside stuff inside India.

To talk about what to wear in which country. Each country is different. Journeys from Textile Museum of Scotland to Bead and Button Show in America - the dots that connect the fabric to the dots that makes it accessible.

We are talking about awww and eeks. We are talking about misses and hits. We are talking about spicing your fashion sense with less grooming. We are talking about saving your pennies.

We ain't talking about blow dried hair (Guess what its a travelers pity, we look supercool after a haircut in a salon and minutes later we end up with a mess) , we are talking about hair that stays or flies.  We ain't talking about lipsticks that worn out or cream that makes you go dull, we are talking about lipstick that stays and sunscreen that is required. We ain't talking about elusive fashion we are talking about hiking pants / shorts/ dresses/ jeans but we are also not missing out on new creative designers who are coming up with great designs to launch. Jesus, there's so much to talk about still. You get an idea!

We are talking here Stylish Intelligent Things that make you stand out. Fashion per se, as travel, is considered expensive but it depends. I swear by sale and I keep track of all of them and some brands definitely are so affordable on sale or otherwise. I ain't no old school girl, and I follow fashion on my fingertips. Not trends, but I am constantly aware of my changing wardrobe and any brands changing style, quality and trend.

And that comes very naturally to me. The first thing which I do in any shop is browse. Then analyze what's new. Then analyze again what's been missing from the last time. The cuts, the trends, the price excites me. Often I am caught up discussing with my friends - what changes this brand needs to make to stand out and why this one may be a failure. I used to randomly sew clothes once upon a time, but not anymore..

Dear Travelers,
I agree you can look great in a plain jane Tee and Shorts but you can look fabulous in a tee with a quirky print and shorts :) . We all can be stylish, we all can be free. We don't need to have picture perfect bodies, but clothes that define us.
That's the difference.

Style on the move emphasizes on real and so if there is something I do not like, I would recommend not to buy them. It's about quality in Style for less. It's about talking authentic cool stuff!

For less because Travelers save.

We know how we fund our trips! And some savings can get you the best clothes that you can wear.

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Styleonthemove is now open to entries from various folks who love to share their fashion sense when they travel. Styleonthemove is also open to collaborations / shoots with brands while on the road.

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  1. Really appreciate your views on looking stylish while travelling. Would love to read more articles from you.


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