My First Scuba Diving Experience,Goa India Part 1


Wait.Is that a live crab? Yes,it is.Not doing this one again!

 What I love about Goa is spontaneity in every form

They say "life is sweeter and more colorful at sea" while I beg to disagree.To me "life is adventure at sea,adventure of infinite degree,the one you cannot explain".There's this whole world beneath,unexplored.And to be a part of it,for a day,is that what I was going to do today.

Video on Goa


- Its in my genes and I'm glad to have had it from my parents.From my mom's never say die attitude to my dad's frequent transfers made me this crazy little gal who loves to travel and jump off anything.I love it or hate it,but somewhere deep down It all has to be there.Or else life would be static or a plain bore.

- It all started off with a simple cliff jump at rishikesh,that made me think "Enough of corporate life". Surprisingly,over these two years,I did things which otherwise would have been "on my wish list",one step to another.

-The crystal clear water of Andamans and Thailand last year forced me to think on those lines.Pattaya,2 years back was my first underwater experience,underwater walk with the divers.

- I saw ZNMD(Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara),and the KAT in me,said,if its not today,its gonna be never.

And that's how it all started..


 Goa,is a paradise for the young.I could've done scuba at planet scuba in Bangalore,but the water and the ambience of goa,made me change my mind at the last moment.I wasn't in for just the pool session,I wanted to taste the unpredictability and waves of the sea.Excited as always,I got my bus tickets done in hurry online,last moment airfares to goa(!!!cant afford).Bags set leaves granted,and here we go for some scuba shuba.

It takes 14 hours from Bangalore to reach goa.Apart from the time it takes,I had this unusual adventurous journey whole night in the bus.The seat I got was the last seat,the jumping seat.I somehow managed to rest partially with my head bent in a weird way the whole route,the excitement to reach goa was so much that I almost forgot to have my dinner,the whole night on few golgappas.And when we reached panjim in the morning,a sense of freedom crept in.Freedom to move around freedom to dance freedom to scuba dive.Pure Bliss.

The washed and re-washed beaches of Goa!

We reached the scuba diving center at Baga Riverside,and after some briefing on the cost of training,duration ekcetra ekcetra,we were given books "PADI Open water course".

 I hate books.Period.No wonder,I never thought of doing an MBA ever.These were not MILLS and BOONS or LONELY PLANET,these were the technical ones.Oooops!

I flipped few pages of the book,and "BUOYANCY" was the word.The word, favorite with geeks,nerds.To float in water,you got to be neutrally buoyant.So that meant,

 If you drown,no-one is/or will be responsible for your sinking in..not even your instructor. :)

I wouldve loved to read all the crap and give exams if I were not on a vacation.And here I was,all jovial and excited,the book spelt doom.The fun part seemed a distant possibility.

We were told to complete 3 chapters and review quiz and get it corrected the next day.The moment we stepped out of the dive center,I was like hurray...the homework's over,I got to hit on some beaches and party hard.The best thing about Goa is you got to wear what you want to wear,and I got into tinniest shorts to mix out with the party culture of Goa.

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  1. Please remove the tab tat keeps scrolling on the left side of the is veryyyy irritating..I don't feel like reading any further as its's a suggestion,nothing against your blog or adventures..

  2. Thanks but it helps people to share with others,though will keep that in mind.


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