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The Wanderers Ever wondered what it's like travelling to unexplored destinations?Stuck with the same Taj Mahal at Agra and Qutub Minar at Delhi?Stuck with an idea of going by the same boring itinerary?A new breed of young passionate travellers have made travel to lesser known destinations easy for us.

The Wanderers: The Wanderers was formed with a view to promoting unconventional and offbeat holidays for the discerning traveller. The idea is to show people a world that exists beyond brochures and boundaries, beyond luxuries and beyond imagination!


Facts about the Wanderers: 

1)The first thing that you will notice about their website is their unusual selection of places and a rather interesting and uncommon range of tours.

2)  Their tours are for those who would like to explore the land and its people, for those who wish to uncover the superficial layers that can never reflect the truth of a great culture and to finally discover the real gem that shines within

3)The stupendous natural beauty, the cultural diversity, the exotic flora and fauna, the historic sites steeped in time and the warm and gentle people will all be a part of your travel experience.

4)While most tour operators offer run of the mill tours, The Wanderers go a few steps beyond and offer you a diverse mix of tours to choose from. 

5)Their clients are those who stand out from the crowd and demand indepth, offbeat, personalised and uncommon experiences on the tours to fulfil their travel wishlist. They push the limits of travel to enrich their lives. In the process, they push them to create a different genre of travel that they call 'travel without boundaries'.

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