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Chai Cafes In Bangalore

Infinitea,Cunningham Road: People like their new flavours which include South African Tea like Rooibos,German Herbal Teas,Fruit Melanges(cranberry and apricot flavour),egyptian(peppermint and chamomile).They have recently introduced new flavours like vanilla oolong,an organic tea which costs Rs 2500 per 100 gm,and Blooming green tea(china) priced at Rs 165 per flower.The joint serves Indian,chinese,japanese,south african and egyptian flavours along with regular green teas,masala tea and milk tea.Daily sale: 200-600 cups per day.

Green Theory,Convent Road:A teabar,which serves tea of fruity flavours like orange and floral flavours like rose and khus along with Green Tea and Masala Tea.The idea of brewing tea at the table is very popular here.Sale:30 cups every day.

Chaipatty,Indiranagar:The thought of a conversation over a hot cup of tea served in a kullad with pakodas in a tea +caffe environment is a great concept.The teaffe also serves juices,lassi,sandwiches,maggi and daily snacks.

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Bright Tea Corner,ShivajiNagar Bus Stop: A famous tea caffe,which serves plain assam tea with milk,water and sugar.Sale:300 cups per day.

Chai Point,12 outlets in city:Uses sulpher free sugar and offer organic tea to customers.Also runs Mountain Trail Academy where it trains its staff to brew a good cup.

Pani Cum Chai,Kammanahalli,4 joints in city : Serves various types of tea ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 20.Has its own signature tea known as "Bhaap Tea",a type of hot steamy tea,which has special flavour.Also serves milk tea and various type of green tea.Daily sale:500 cups of tea.

Chocolate Chai In India? Surprised,next time you visit the mysore palace at mysore,visit tea corner which is synonymous with tasty tea.Tea corner,near mysore zoo,serve hot chocolate chai quite popular with students youngsters and even tourists.

Recipe for Chocolate Tea:


    * 1/2 cup water
    * 1/2 cup milk
    * chai tea**
    * 1 (.55 ounce) package instant hot chocolate mix


   1. Mix water and milk together
   2. Bring to a boil (either microwave or stove top)
   3. Pour liquid over chai tea and steep according to tea directions and strain
   4. Stir in the hot chocolate mix


  1. this place may not be a 'Cafe' but you gotta try the Ginger Tea at Sridevi Bakery at BTM!

  2. Thanks Annie,I'll make sure next time if I am anywhere near BTM I'll try the Ginger Tea At the Bakery.

  3. Great information on chai cafes. Have you tried them? I'm bored of all those coffee day cafes.

  4. Thanks mom,yep even i got bored,yeah have tried some desi tea at the cafes..

  5. Thanks Ankita for a sweet video on Chaipatty. Appreciate the love. Plz keep coming :)


  6. Thanks Chirag,was a little surprised to see a comment from you.Was there at Chaipatty this Wednesday,and I must say,what a great concept.Awesome snacks awesome chai.Will sure be coming more :)

  7. That was a cheerful post full with surprising cups of teas. I also keep experimenting with teas and you are giving me several ideas at once! Thank you!

  8. I am not a tea drinker but I enjoyed your post :)


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