California Pizza Kitchen Bangalore:Review



Mix in a good bit of Italy,of course and dozens of other worldly flavours and you've got the recipe for California Pizza Kitchen in Bangalore.A popular branch,started out in Beverly Hills California has opened its outlet in Phoenix Market City Bangalore.

Sun 22nd: Though my visits to an eat out in most of the places are planned,this one was discovered right at the spot.I went to phoenix market city to shop,now that the phoenix mall in bangalore is 90% open and there are "drop till you shop" discounts everywhere.

 Barely few months old,the phoenix market city seemed quite a happening place.A band was playing soothing nice music,and there were discounts everywhere.Pepe flat 40%,allen solly flat 40%,UCB flat 50% the weekends getting greener day by day.

 And then..I started feeling hungry!

 Its disgusting to feel hungry when you're checking out cool crazy stuffs,but rats in your tummy can pop up anytime.And its always some kind of food court that comes to your rescue.Luckily,the moment I got out of one of the shops,I saw a huge restaurant "California Pizza Kitchen".

 Appearances are misleading,the california pizza kitchen looks quite hep from outside,the kind of ,if you dont know the chains of the pizza kitchen,you might be hesitant to get in..

 California Pizza Kitchen is like Pizza Hut,Dominos But Better

 Their menu is like a trip around the globe.Mexican Cuisine,thai cuisine,italian cuisine,pizzas.The ambience is like pizza hut and dominos but much much better.As there were quite a number of people in the restaurant,I felt at ease,may be the restaurants good and not over expensive.

 What I ordered?

 1)Adobe Chicken Chowder Soup      Rs 125

   -A creamy soup with chicken ,wild rice,corn,green chillies,mild onions,cilandro.Topped with tortillas

   We all know the taste of chicken soup.We all have tried at number of restaurants.And we all know that its either as thin as a stock,or a chinese version or a creamy soup.This ones out of the world.You get to have those soft chicken with the corn and I must assure you havent tasted a chicken soup like this before.Not over the top spicy,but delicious taste wise.

 2)Fire Roasted Vegetable Pizza    Rs 425

  -Roasted pepper with grilled eggplant,sauteed spinach,sauteed mushrooms,roasted cheese and roasted onions and yellow red peppers.

 When all the good things are added,how can a pizza not be mouth watery.Yes one of the best pizzas in town.The fire roasted pizza was too good to be true.All in all had a great meal for the day.

 3)Thai Curry Vegetable Pizza     Rs 345

 -As I wasnt hungry anymore,I couldnt try this one.But the name was too tempting to not try next week.

So My Experience with California Pizza Kitchen in Bangalore was...???

 Advantage of California Pizza Kitchen Bangalore: How about a taste of thailand tonite?or mexico for lunch?italy for dinner.The taste awesome,and a must for all pizza lovers.

 Disdvantage of California Pizza Kitchen Bangalore : A little expensive.

 Rating of California Pizza Kitchen: 9.5/10

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  1. Thanks for the review. We are visiting this place today and wanted to know whether it is worth it or not. Will be blogging my review of it as well :)

  2. Thanks for the review. We are planning to have lunch here today and I wasn't sure whether the place would be worth it or not.

    Great to know its good. Looking forward to the lunch. I will be blogging about it as well.


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