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“Wine is poetry in a bottle.” and New year is the best time to indulge in the poet in you.At least I think so.When party's around the corner and everyone's dining and wining,the best way to relax is go off the road to a certain winery,have some wine,know the whole process,and may be start making your own brand of wine at home(its not easy mind it!!!!).


ADDRESS : Heritage winery is on Bangalore – Mysore road after channapattana before Kadamba Hotel take a left from there direction boards are displayed.

Sometimes going all along the way combined with certain strikes on the highway makes you think was it actually a good day.In India,things like these happen.Call it my luck or just plain bad luck,today was the day to get stuck on the highway.I started in the morning at around 8 am,and while I was still dreaming about how tasty the fermented grapes would be,the honk and the chaos on the highway all of a sudden made me think was it THE DAY I hoped it would be.

Suddenly the traffic police diverted us to a kacha road in a village alongside the highway.Nobody knew where the hell was the kadamba hotel the (only landmark for heritage vineyard )on the highway and how to reach it from the village road.Lost in the village for about another 1.5 hour we finally reached the kadamba hotel on the highway.

 It took us another 10 minutes to reach the vineyard.The road to the vineyard was a very kacha one,a single vehicle can pass through.


It was sunday.And frankly I wasn't expecting anyone else to be there apart from the wine crew.But wine  connoisseur who love and live wine were all there.There were total of 15 people who were there at the main hall,tasting wine discussing wine and some getting ready for the wine tour.

 As it was raining,we were shown a video of around 20-25 minutes on the history of wines,history of heritage wine,how its been made,fermented the whole process.Then we were all given a badge of "wine lovers" and I absolutely love badges..any kinda,this wasn't any different,I still remember those smiley badges I used to put on me when I was a child,and when I grew up,the smiley badge still holds a special place on my travel bag.


 The cost of the wine tour was Rs 150,worth every penny of visit.We were taken to the small in house factory where several barrels of wine was being kept.One of the member of the crew introduced us to several processes involved in making of the wine.We were told about wine making starting from processing to tasting the Wine. We were shown the process of crushing Grapes, Filtering, Bottle filling, Bottle caping, bottle checking, bottle Labeling, bottle Packaging, bottle storage, Quality control Lab etc etc.

We were told that heritage Grape Winery Pvt Ltd. was started in 2004 to produce Red Fortified Sweet Dessert wine from locally available grapes (Bangalore Blue).
Normally all the Table wines made from the grapes belongs to Vites Vinifirea that is why their Heritage wine tastes different compared to other table wine. The sweet wine is having all of mineral vitamins enzyme.

Finally we were taken to the garden where the grapes where being recently harvested hence we could not find any of the plants with grapes.The process ended on how to taste wine,the wine etiquette.Look ,Smell,Swirl and Sip.

Cost of Tour:Rs 150/-
Timings:10:30 am -05:00 pm
Duration :45 minutes

Disadvatange: Of course the distance(80 kms) from the city.The vineyard is a small enclosure,so if you are prepared to drive 80 kms to know the whole process,well and fine.

Advantage:The taste of wine is very fresh and superb.We tasted table wine,red wine and sparkling wine.As the cost of tour is cheap,can visit over weekends.


                                                                  Video coming soon


  1. Nice. I will be doing this SOON. And I love your rating system - something I have been doing since the last three years of my travel blogging :)

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  3. Hey, What a neat post!! This is a chock-full of information. A visit to Heritage winery is definite after reading your post.


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