Archery In Bangalore Part 1 :Photos,Review Videos


Archery In Bangalore

Archery is a sport which is present in the indian society since ages.Remember the astras from ramayana and mahabharata?While aim of arjun is said to be perfect(winning a gal,draupadi remember! on the aim of the arrow is PERFECT indeed) and rama had impeccable skills at archery(I still remember him killing all his enemies at one go!).

Arjun at action @ Mahabharata
We still find the archers at the tribal heartland of india..and yes,Indian archers have done the country proud by their stupendous performances in 2011, in which they won record 37 medals which included 13 Gold, 16 silver and 08 Bronze.Women archers brought laurels to the nation by defeating defending Champion-Korea in the semifinal, in the 46th World Championship at Turin and won a Silver medal for the first time in the team event of the competition.

We also have Archery Association of India,which promotes the sport.
So thats all about archery in India,lets share some fundas on what archery is all about?Archery is the art of propelling arrows with a use of bow and arrow.Historically used for hunting and combat,now is used as a recreational activity.I thought of giving it a try today.So I googled it on internet and luckily got into one of the interesting places in bangalore,known as x-arena.

The place is an exciting escapade,with dirt biking to skating to wall climbing,to paintball to football to dart to archery to shooting to snack bar.all under one roof.

National Paintball league to my right,wall climbing used in roadies behind.

They also have a wall climbing which was being featured as a task location for popular MTV show roadies.

Skating In Bangalore
Dirt Biking Track:Dirt Biking In Bangalore

Archery In Bangalore

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