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Caught in the hustle bustle of city and still stuck up with malls over weekends.Here's an alternative,without you having to cross the highways.To me,exploring the city is not about lazy mornings,its about having fun.So when I thought of visiting Mango Mist Resort,Bannerghatta for reasons seeking peace and serenity amidst the city,I wasnt disspointed.

Log Huts @ A Resort in Bangalore

Mangomist Resort is a few kms away from city(4-5 kms from bannerghatta national park) and offers a wide array of things.You can go with your family and friends,and stay for a day or two and your those days would be relaxed than the normal days.I went to the resort esentially to know and try zorbing at the resort.Zorbing is very famous over hilly terain,but inside a resort,lets see.

Mist @ Mangomist Resort

The one thing I liked about the resort was the area which was enveloped with mist,it gave me a feeling of being in the misty forest.As I went on one of the weekends,it was a little crowded than usual.

The cottages are neat and log huts are beautiful.Though you wont find many of these in the resort,should be 2-3.The resort also has a swimming pool and a ground for zorbing.The ground is not very big and the zorb track is not very neat either.You can skip zorbing all together as the small ground takes the fun out of the sport.

Zorbing in Bangalore @ Resort

Overall the resort is ok in terms of providing service and facilities but lacks infrastructure to develop a sport like Zorbing.

Advantage:A good escape from the city,good for corporate outings

Disadvantage:Zorb track a little messy over the ground.


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