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Ezone club is situated near marathalli.And it had the best karts I have ever seen,may be the best tracks as well.They have certain stages of karting ; novice,medium,expert with raptors.There are twin karts if you want to try out with your wife or children.There are junior karts for kids for age 6-8 also.

                                                                    Rules @ Torq03

The entry of the ezone club has a little stadium where you can enjoy beer and snacks and watch the game as well.They said at a time there can be 8 karts which can go together.

The club is quite impressive,there's a lounge and there are karts and there's swimming pool.I got my helmets,and took my karts.

                                                        The warning @ Torq03 Bangalore

The instructor gave me instructions on how a person can be disqualified.You touch the tires alongside you disqualify.You press accelerator and brake together you disqualify.
                                                            The Kart Track@Torq03:Bangalore Adventure

There were 6 laps to be completed in a game of 1.The cost was pretty nominal for the track.There was a TV which displayed your best lap timings against others.I started off well,and could feel the rush of air at high speed.and it was an amazing feeling.

Nothing that my car at home can ever give me.This was different,the bends and the speed.This was wat I wanted,a person signalled red flag and it meant that I had just one more lap to complete.I did complete that and thanked god for the discovery so near to my home.


Advantage:Longest Kart,well maintained.

Disadvantage:Negative Reviews on net over service,though personally I didnt experience any such thing or may be they have improved over years.


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