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At Decathlon Bangalore

Decathlon is my favourite.Favourite because nowhere in the city you would find all sports equipment under one huge discounted prices.

Founded in 1976, in France,they have set about making the pleasure and benefit of sports available for everyone across the globe. They do that by providing world class products both for enthusiastic beginners as well as passionate professionals at extremely affordable prices.
Sports Megastore@Decathlon Bangalore

Isn't it amazing.For you to buy anything at decathlon all you got to do is register at with your organisation and voila,you are a member.

I am a member through Bangalore Mountaineering Club and I truly enjoy this place,its very different from the usual congested sports shop,and once you have been to this place,you'd be addicted for lifelong.

Inside Decathlon Bangalore
Disadvantage:None, amazingly cool stuff,sporty ambiance,

Advantage:Can try out ,can exchange,every sports equipment under one roof.


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