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The Ugly Indian: A group of anonymous Bangaloreans, who call themselves the Ugly Indians decided to take up the problem of filth and garbage on the streets of city and do something about it. Instead of being silent spectators of the growing amount of garbage of the streets, they took action What is interesting is that the group has chosen to remain anonymous. Identities of specific individuals are not important. What matters is visible results, say the Ugly Indians.     

To know more about The Ugly Indian(TUI) : visit www.theuglyindian.com or join the facebook page "theuglyindian" to know how you can contribute.


Dream A Dream:Dream A Dream's flexible volunteer program offers a great opportunity to get involved and to contribute towards the development of children from vulnerable backgrounds. You can choose to: 

Participate in special events and programs such as educational visits to museums or the planetarium with children
Partake in programs for children such as sports, arts, mentoring, IT skills training, Dream Fundays, Adventure programs and a host of other fun activities all aimed at building critical life skills among our children
Participate in organization building through involvement in functional and strategic roles
Raise funds through participation in events such as Marathons, Leadership Workshop, Annual Theatre Production


AID Bangalore:Do not complain any more against what you feel is bad. Instead, help make it better. Change the world around yourself. By being an AID Bangalore volunteer, you can help others by doing what you can, however small a thing that may be. AID gives you the platform for doing what you feel is your bit for building a better India.


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  1. The Streisand Foundation began as a project to bring people together who have experienced the overwhelming number of children living on the streets, and is a platform for those who want to join hands and really do something about it.

    The Streisand Foundation focus’s on working for the under privileged youth by providing them with short-term vocational education ultimately aiming to stop the parents sending the younger siblings to the street.After 3-months of intensive training we provide them with employment in reputed companies so that they can be self-supportive.

    Volunteers can take action by conducting classes with the students, connecting them with suitable employers,participating in events and fund raising. All are welcome to visit the classes, held at #3, First Floor, Karnataka Golf Assoc. Main Rd. (Opp Diamond District Gate 5)
    Kodihalli, Bengaluru - 560008



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