Bollywood Locations:Photos,Amazing places Part 1


Sometimes,watching a song sequence or a movie,makes you wonder the places where the movie is being shot.It would have been an intelligent idea for the producers to write the name of the destination with each scene change,there fore promoting the tourism industry as well as the movie.Here are some pics of movies and places where it was being shot.

Calling all international travellers.Which place this summer?

Ghajini:The place where behka me behka and song guzarish was being shot.

I hate love stories:The place where song "sadka kiya" was being shot.

I hate love stories in Queenstown,NZ

Kambakhqt Ishq:The place where song "Lakh lakh nakhre" was being shot.

kambakhqt ishq in Italy

Mausam:The place where shahid and sonam meet in scotland,the dance


Ready:The place where song "dhinka chika" and "humko pyaar hua" was being shot.

ready in thailand

Robot:The place where song "kilimanjaro" and "sana sana" was being shot.

Bollywood Locations:Robot In Brazil,Peru

Rockstar:The place where song "hawa hawa" was being shot.

Singh Is King:The place where songs "Teri Ore" and "Jee Karda" was being shot

Singh Is King,Egypt

Here are some of the interesting Bollywood locations,you will love to go in future.

Stay tuned for part 2:

Calling all international travellers.Planning to backpack which place this summer?


  1. Good to see this one Ankita.
    That's precisely what we are doing with Filmapia. Atleast trying our best to record these as diligently as possible. Movies are a fantastic key to the world of travel, especially bollywood movies!

    Let us know what do you feel.

  2. Ooo that's a wonderful website,keep up the gud work..Have you been to most of the places or do you keep travelling around?

  3. Damn! Revisiting blogger after a looong time! :(

    The places - some we visit and the rest - sigh-only-if-we-had-the-money but - we research from different sources and put it all together.

    I see from your list above, Rockstar is missing on Filmapia. Though old, it's a movie worth watching for the locations. So right now the locations for Rockstar, as they say, coming soon..... :)


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