Phoenix Mall,Bangalore : Photos,Review


Phoenix Mall In Bangalore

      Yes!Yes!Yes! Another mall in the city.I am ecstatic because malls are the best stress buster for me,for everyone.A mall whitefield needed for long,I dont consider COSMOS and HYPERCITY as a mall,this one is treat for the eyes.


  A marketing gimmick can make you crazy like this one "PHOENIX Market City Now Open" on hoarding everywhere in Bangalore.What can you get from an advert like this?Of course the mall should be open.As the newly opened phoenix mall was near to my home,I thought the mall deserves my visit.Little did I know that I was headed to inaugurate the mall which wasnt open yet.Why were the posters all over town??The gaurd welcomed me with "mam offices khule hain,mall abhi khula nahi".I have been to the mall thrice ever since,80% of the shops are open,with the recent opening of pantaloons in the mall.


      I went specifically to the mall not to shop,but to soothe my eyes with the latest designs,and the current deals and discounts.To my surprise,there were none.As christmas was around the corner,the smell of plum cake everywhere was the first thing that made me go further.I had this yummy watermelon icecream at the basement,yes you heard it right watermelon,delicious tasty unique.And then with my eyes wide open,I started looking for sales and sales.All I got in my kitty was an offer like this "Shop for Rs 7500,get a voucher of Rs 750",Shop for Rs 10000,get a watch worth Rs 500".Fools,are we?Now a person who really shops at that shop for Rs 10000,wouldn't he be able to afford a Rs 500 watch.



 The best way to scan a top class brand is to go in the shop and say this is not what you're looking for.The trick works for me everytime I try fitting in ZARA,M&S,Jimmy Choos..This is not what I have been looking for.But the fact is I find these brands too overpriced for what they are worth.I may be wrong,but a dress worth Rs 5600 or sandals worth Rs 4000 is out of the world for me.I rather not look beautiful.

 The brands in phoenix mall bangalore are a mix of both hi-class(the kind of one you find at UB city) and normal brands(Pantaloons,Big Bazaar,Catwalk,Aisha,UCB,Fab india).Phoenix mall can be a good bet,if you are in whitefield or nearby areas and want to try out both the hi-class and the normal brands.

Phoenix mall exterior


The mall had decent crowd,mostly the corporate crowd.The mall is yet to gain popularity so the rush which we see in most other malls was missing here.Phoenix mall is huge,and can give you cramps walking if you are not accustomed to trekking in malls like me :).All the brands are available under one roof,so if its baby care,home store or apparel you are looking for,the mall is the right place for you.

 The mall was decorated on the christmas eve.The huge christmass tree at the center of the mall was the constant source of attraction.Phoenix mall is going to be a pleasant experience when all the shops open.Phoenix mall is different as the mall has a huge space in front of it,and if you are not shopping you can still enjoy the pleasure of looking at the mall from a distance.The mall is more like city center of kolkata .Parking facilities are adequate and available.

Christmas Night at Phoenix Mall

Disadvantage of Phoenix Mall Bangalore:Is far if you live near MG Road,Koramangla.Mall yet to open fully.Shoppers stop would have added  extra glamour.Hope they open anywhere soon nearby.

Advantage of Phoenix Mall Bangalore:Good for whitefield janta.Both high class and normal brands are available.


Coming Up with ratings on malls in Bangalore.Stay tuned.To all my readers,"Wishing you A very happy New Year".

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