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Taking an aim @ the Shooting Academy In Bangalore
Ever wondered what It is like to shoot a 50 rounds of bullet on a target??Must be fun, isn't it?I never thought about it until today,I saw a lovely deal on snapdeal which was 50 rounds with starter air rifle at a very affordable price.So before giving it a second thought,I bought the deal online and today we are going to go Nishaan shooting academy in which you are trained by Indian shooting star Mr Purushotham.

These deals on snapdeal,I absolutely love them,I purchased one for martial arts and one for pistol shooting.As much as its tempting,I have a habit of forgetting the last dates of the deal :(.So that gives me little hope for being the next kungfu panda.I wish..lets see.

A video review of the Nishaan shooting academy in Bangalore:

I reached BTM layout where the shooting academy is there and before I entered I saw members of police and army seated at the sitting area.Scary!! Isn't it?For beginners,with no skill, should be.Gud for us that I was told our schedule is postponed,and I can come next weekend.

Next weekend,I went to the academy and after filling our details,the instructor demonstrated how to use the rifle,and he also told us to hit at any point on the target for start and be consistent at the same point for next 50 rounds.

Shooting in Bangalore:Nishaan Shooting Academy

It was a learning experience,and I might come as Its great to destress that way.If not shopping,then pistols.Great that meenakshi mall,shoppers stop and gopalan mall is nearby,so that helps me relax more..How much I love shopping and How much I miss it these days!!

Disadvantage:None,trainers are good and patient,facilities are good.Timings are not fixed,so you might find it closed any time of the day,that happened with us once.So get in touch with their staff and they'll open the shutters.

Advantage:Good for beginners as well as experienced players/practice.


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