The Voice of Stray Cows : Bangalore


Well,to those who have been following my blog religiously,must be missing my video reviews for quite some time.Reason:Not well,just got a little fever and while I am trying to recover,I thought I might entertain you guys over weird and interesting things I found in Bangalore.

Stray Cows,Bangalore :
The Wow ,stray Cow!

Look at this picture,carefully.Stray dog??nah..well its a stray cow and well maintained.One fine evening on the streets of Bangalore while we were driving,a poor lady came to us.As usual,at the traffic signal its a frequent site.Sometimes we ignore,and sometimes we think chalo baba we give some amount so that they shoo away.No well,I am not against beggars,if at all a poor person is born poor,what I believe is he/she doesn't have to die poor.These beggars,except some of the handicapped ones,the others seem to look OK.What more,they have their demands with inflation.Give one rupee and they might not even bless you.If they are that well,why don't they just work.Either they earn more on begging than the normal labour job,or they are too lazy to change their lives.Oh! there's also something called racket of the beggars.Maybe they're all trapped in the racket.Whatever,this has to be sorted out one way or the other.That evening we found this lady who was begging and had this very beautiful ornate d cow,the holy animal in India.What was more surprising was the fact that the lady was in rugs while the cow was well maintained.Now that made me think if the lady was really poor ,or this is just one way to gain income.It also made me think of the few actresses in the ads of diamonds and necklaces,and for a few seconds I was a little surprised.But it also reminded me of an incident in a colony in Bangalore where nannies/servants of the kids took them to various places for begging while their parents have been working in top IT companies,all day.Sad,funny,truth,whatever it is.

Rainbow on the streets,buses,Bangalore:

 One thing I like about the whole south India is of course the healthy spicy idli sambhar and dosa for a change.But there are many more things to this city than the food joints.well most of us might have noticed it,appreciated it but have ignored it.The fact that the coloured wall over the footpath depicting the entire Karnataka is something you got to look carefully next time.One such road is the one near the Bangalore palace and lalbagh.You'd find many such footpath walls.Each painting depicts the various architecture,markets,activities etc etc state wise,and its so well painted,that it looks amazing when you drive through these roads.Chennai also has such paintings on roads,I wish other states follow suit soon.It depicts the entire state and looks wow.One day I also found a BMTC bus coloured in various kaleidoscope of paints and it looked amazing. Thats called creative mind :)

The ugly Indian,Bangalore: 

They are group of common people like us,who are determined to clean and paint the city one road at a time.Their effort is priceless.Just imagine one morning you wake up,and you find this whole messy city spotlessly clean.You can contact to participate with them for any spot fix in the city,but according to them,it would be great if each individual feels the same about their community.After all this has to be group work in mass scale to make our city clean.You dun need to have friends to start up,all you got to do is this,own a tree,start remove posters and watch if they remain poster free for a week.Then head on to a spot which you think is unclean,sweep paint the walls,or ask the local sweep keeper to cooperate.This is all you got to do,watch for a few weeks,if anything is for a good cause people will surely come and cooperate and even participate.Who wants their neighborhood to be a garbage dump??Why not be the ugly Indian way,they owe an ovation for the start.

The commercial street,Bangalore:

Commercial Street,Bangalore
Now,if you're in Bangalore and want anything to be stitched and fast,you need to find good tailors in the city.Commercial street in Bangalore has plenty,and each promises you to deliver in 2 days.Amazing,but just in case you get confused on which tailor to choose,ask the shopkeeper of fabric galleries,and they will direct you to the proper ones.

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