Bannerghatta National Park Part 2:Photos And Review Videos


Lion at Bannerghatta National Park

I got tickets for the safari for around 160 bucks.We were all told to board a small bus which had grilled windows.I requested the conductor for the front seats to have a better view of the animals and luckily got one.The journey started.It started off with bears,buffaloes,dear and sambars.

Then the bus proceeded towards gates "bear gates","lion gates","tiger gates".One fact that I love about his park is that it is well organised.And guess what next?The next must be the beast of the wild,we saw lions right in front of us on the road,not willing to move.We proceeded towards tiger safari and saw the restless tiger.Wow this place was worth every penny.

                                                      Animals at Bannerghatta National Park
      People gave the driver their SLR and camera,and to my surprise he turned out to be a good photographer.The safari came to an end.The ticket to safari had zoo entry fees free so we did check out the zoo.The zoo had wide range of animals from reptiles to birds to elephants though I must say the zoo part wasnt very well maintained.

                                               Assured Sighting in Bannerghatta National Park

.It was fun roaming around the zoo when most of us might have visited the zooz with our parents in childhood.One thing was common between all the animals,they all seemed to be statues or too lazyto get up.May be cauz it was sunday morning.:).The below clips are of the national park..

And there were bears as well :

Deers and Bears at Bannerghatta National Park

Well,I find animals cute.Aint they??And its not only dogs and cats,I find the whole range of animals cute from lions to tigers to even reptiles snakes,ofcourse their cubs are better and more friendly.It may sound a lil weird,but one look in their eyes and you would know they wont deceive u judge u hate u or kill u unlike us humans.The "kill you" part is a lil untrue,they might and they would if they are hungry.But thats just a way they live their lives.But aint we humans monsters as well,we have caged them,fed them food which might or might not be to their liking and even have killed or shot their friends,other animal circle.They have every reason to be hostile to us..Ugh!!this "animal lover" part of me sucks literally.

 So as I said its sunday morning and look what we have found..A tiger yawning!!!

                                             Tiger at Bannerghatta National Park

Advantage:Grand safari is worth visiting.Parking facilities are adequate.

Disadvatage:The food alongside the park is not very hygienic and fresh.

Camera fees:Rs 25

Entry fees grand safari: Rs160

Handycam fees:Rs 200

Timing:The park is open for visitors between 9 AM to 5 PM . The park is closed on Tuesdays.


Road Map from MG Road to Bannerghatta National Park

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