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                                                                   Row, row, row your boat,
                                                                   Gently down the stream.
                                                              Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
                                                                      Life is but a dream.         

What Internet Says??

-Kempe Gowda II constructed this 125acre long lake in the second half of second century. Located at the Northeastern fringes of the city on M.G. Road, this enchanting lake is an ideal place for boating and shopping.

-There is a boat club where you can hire boats for yourself and make a stop at some of the small islands dotting the lake.

                                                                      Morning at Ulsoor Lake

-Ulsoor lake was previously called as Halsur and Alasur during the beginning years of its construction.

- A Ganesha festival is also celebrated at the lake during the month of Aug-Sept.

- A gurudwara that is the largest Sikh shrine in the city, stands adjoining the lake and is a good place to visit.

-Ulsoor lake is surrounded with many buildings that were once part of British army.

-There is a public swimming pool welcoming tourist to take a dip. Pool opens daily from 9:00am to 06:00pm and remains closed on Wednesdays.

Ulsoor lake Bangalore:Now that we have been to palaces and parks,its the time to hit on the water holes.Ulsoor lake,where today we are,is situated very near to MG road,you might have seen the lake many times while crossing or reaching MG road.I walked past one of the entry gates,and there were people jogging on the walk track and there was this lake.

                                                                    Jetty's at Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor lake is a small lake,nothing remarkably exceptional.I saw jetty's on the side of the lake to take you to islands though I think as the lake is small,a bridge or narrow road could have solved the purpose of reaching islands.As the lake is not exceptional,this place can be skipped.

                                                                  Jog Track @ Ulsoor Lake

On the other side of the lake,is the gurudwara,which is a famous one,as that is the only gurudwara in town.

                                                                        The Ulsoor Gurudwara

The 22nd National Kayaking and canoeing championship took place at Ulsoor Lake in Dec 2011.The five-day meet, organised by the Karnataka Amateur Water Sports Association and the Madras Engineering Group & Centre, featured close to 900 paddlers and 28 teams, including the SSCB, Police, and the Coast Guard.

                                                                       Participants at Ulsoor Lake

The championships will comprise 90 events for men and women in the senior, junior and sub-junior categories. The 5,000m and the 4x200m relay events will be introduced this time. Over 30 internationals, including Vijay Kumar, Senrayan, G. Mahesha and Kiran Nune, medal winners from October's Asian canoe marathon championships at Singapore, will participate.

This will be Bangalore's second time as host of the Nationals (after the 19th edition), the Ulsoor lake also hosting the 1997 National Games.

“We hope this meet will generate enthusiasm and interest for the sport,” said Balbir Singh Kushwaha, secretary-general of the Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association (IKCA). “We will select between 80 and 90 young paddlers for a National coaching camp, to be held in Bhopal in January. Our aim is to groom them and help them qualify for the 2016 Olympics.”-The Hindu

Advantage:Middle of the city,only gurudwara in town.

Disadvantage:Lake wasn't very clean.As it is along the road,it doesn't give the feel of a tourist place.

Camera fees:Free


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