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Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use

Well my madness has sometimes no end.When I thought of reviving the lost in the 80's skill of cycling ,I wasn't shocked to see that I don't remember it at all now.Frankly,the last time I cycled was in my compound for half an hour when I was 10.:) Thou,I did practice it everyday for 5 minutes before my brother had his hand on it.

But that might be the case with most of us,some might have had it in college school some might have had it last when they were in their early teens.Cycling has lost its charm over years but thanks to Bangalore and some big sports sorties who are promoting cycling in Bangalore now to the extent that today Bangalore is known as the cycling capital of India.

We left early at around 8:00 am ,rented our cycles,practiced it for half an hour in the compound and then went straight to the roads.The location of decathlon is such that the outskirts provide you ample scope for downhill and uphill ride.The best thing about riding a cycle is the rush of air you are in contact with,that makes you think life's so simple.The change of frame with each second at a slow pace makes you wonder why life is village is so uncomplicated.

The best part about cycling is Bangalore is you dont have to face harsh weathers,the pleasant weather throughout the year makes it an ideal destination.The weekend gateways from Bangalore provide ample scope for cycling in and around Bangalore.

Me after the ride,the sun smiles down!!fiery and red

The whole experience of cycling on roads in Bangalore was awesome.A must for all,all age groups,if in Bangalore.

Thanks to Ankur Sheel And Vab for the fun we had that day ;).

Here are list of where you can rent a cycle in Bangalore for a day:

1)Decathlon,sarjarpur: we rented the gear bikes for a day(24 hours) for rs.300. They have road bikes,mountain bikes,basic bikes in their rental section.And they do conduct cycle rides in groups over several trails on weekends.

To know more about cycling @ decathlon,contact them at:

2)Pedals And Wheels: They are all about bikes and bikes.Go to their trip section to know about the upcoming trips and contact them for any queries.

3)Bums On the Saddle: They have different kind of cycles with them,they organise bootcamp,awareness on cycling.Go to there webpage to know more on cycling

4)Wheellife Adventure: This (ad)venture started with their clients’ (of WheelLife Travel India Pvt. Ltd.) constant demand for running bicycle tours down south of India. When their requirement for hiring large number of bicycles was not met by any single individual or agency, we decided that it was time for us to start renting out the bicycles to other riders as well.

5)Velo In Village :They provide certain ride packages and their mission is to plan and execute nature friendly cycling tours and make sure you have fun on the wheels.

6)Bangalore Bikers Club :Is all about bikes and discussions on bikes.Trips within groups etc.

7)Cycling and more:For those weekend cycling trips.


  1. wonderful.I'll start cycling soon,thanks for the inspiration.

  2. u will ;) really!!!yeah gud for the family,get dad into it as well..and gaurav too :P

  3. Great to read about someone discovering (re-discovering?) cycling long after childhood. To read about what it's like to cycle on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Africa, read my blog post "The Pied Biker of Kilimanjaro"

  4. Have you been in touch with the CAM (Cycling and More) guys? They conduct some amazing trips in the Western Ghats. I went on a 150km ride with them from Madikeri to Bekal Fort and it was a great experience :)

    PS: Pls pls remove the captcha from commenting :(

  5. @Puru:No,I am not in touch with them,but glad you have told me,I have added it on my post.Wow Madikeri to Bekar Fort must have been an awesome one that too on cycle,great!

    Removed captcha but added comment moderation to avoid spams :)

  6. @Jon Bigg:Love your post on ur cylcing expedition to Kilimanjaro,I wish I was in Africa,such a nice coutry.

  7. i am such a qualified now that if would ride a bicycle instead of car it will be like #hmph.. but still a deep desire an very soon i will one get one red one..

  8. @Sonamssethia: Hopefully u get a nice bicycle soon,which city are you from??Bangalore?If yes,the blog contains couple of options..can buy from Decathlon as well,nice store.

  9. great post.. I had no idea there were so many places where one could hire decent geared bikes :)


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