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Pizzas In Bangalore

Today we have many options.Pizza Hut And Dominos for pizza,Mc Donald for burgers,Café Coffee Day and Barista for Coffee,Tacobell and Leb Mex for Mexican.As we gorge on them at these outlets,we are unaware of the ones which were famous before these outlets were even there,and believe it or not,they serve more authentic and delicious pizza pasta lasagna and steaks.I would still go to Mc D and the likes,but once in a while,its important to try these as well.I chose Christmas to try out the most authentic pizza in town and it was so mouth watery that It just made me float on air for a while.Imagine pizzas wood fired and made with rum,dates,broccoli,chicken,cheese,and fruits.A combo you wont regret.

Pizzeria Romano,Bangalore: The ambiance was amazing,the candles made our way up the small restaurant,between there were posters of yester year musician and actors.The whole restaurant was candle lit.Each table had olive oil and sauces in place for the toppings.We ordered love bite pizza(made with apples,rum,dates,and fruits) and a chicken pizza(chicken broccoli etc )both wood fired.The difference between a normal pizza and the wood fired pizza is that  cooked using a little fire in a wood burning pizza-bread traditional oven.  .Imagine,the smell was awesome,one of the woods.Even the taste was delicious,and with the little hint of olive oil as topping,was as lip smacking as it could get.The chicken pizza was on the spicier side,while the love bite pizza was Lil sweet and spicy.A must try,if you are in for authentic pizza in town.


Jukebox,Bangalore: I haven’t tried many restaurants in Bangalore,but recently I did try a few of them.I tried chicken lasagna,in a small college type restaurant setting at jukebox.And must say,it was amazing.I tried it with pepper fried chicken.Jukebox also offers you the best steaks.Though the ambiance,is more of college setup,but would still recommend it,if ambiance is not on your priority list.A little costly for the ambiance though.


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  1. This mouthwatering pizza is topped with roasted cherry tomatoes and black olives for an unforgettable flavour combination.


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