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Of all the places in Bangalore we have discussed so far,which is your favorite?There are many places in and around Bangalore,worth 100% a visit but some of them are worth skipping too.I take you to four favorites of mine in town - Lalbagh,Bannerghetta National Park,Pottery Town and Bangalore Palace.The three not-so-favorite places of mine are Ulsoor Lake,Cubbon Park and Tipu Sultan Palace. We'll cover some of the interesting places around Bangalore too very very soon.But let's begin with:

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

                              Imagine a tranquil escape like this in the middle of the town;
        The botanical garden is best for not only senior citizens,but also kids and the young generation 

                    Lalbagh Botanical Garden is also famous for Independence Day Flower Show
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Disadvantage of Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Entrance least inviting,provision of cycles should be there,food joints necessary

Advantage of Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Ideal place for morning walks and jog and even cycling if you got one.It's a huge compound with a small lake,a hillock,a glasshouse and lot of other things.Park very well maintained.


Confused!!!!Stuck At Lalbagh and cant decide where to go next!Here's the map which tells you which places you can explore.

                                 Tipu Sultan Palace and KSRTC Sports Club in its vicinity

Cubbon Park

                                        To me Cubbon Park was like an old citizen's park.

Disadvantage of Cubbon Park:There's nothing to do or see in this park,to me would never visit again.

Advantage of Cubbon Park:very near to UB city and Vidhan Soudha.


Stuck at Cubbon Park,no worries,take a look at the map below to explore other options.

Vidhan Soudha,Stadium,High Court,Freedom Park and Industrial Technology Museum in its vicinity.

Tipu Sultan Palace

                         The palace is a two-storied Building with intricate wooden carvings

Disadvantage of Tipu Sultan Palace:the palace doesn't have a parking space and the area around are no parking zones.

Advantage of Tipu Sultan Palace:Near to Lalbagh,beautiful carvings


Stuck at Tipu Palace!!!Lets see what all is there around.

                                           Lalbagh and Chickpet Market in its vicinity

Pottery Town

                  Everyone is an artist - Some more,some less.@At a Potters home at Pottery Town

Disadvantage of Pottery Town:Locating pottery town is a task in itself 

Advantage of Pottery Town:Can get a chance to see potters at the wheel ,also can bargain a decent piece of pots and lamps.


Stuck at pottery town!!Get out and explore.

                          Bangalore Palace,Ulsoor Lake,Cantonment Railway Station at its vicinity

Bangalore Palace

                                    The idea of my life as a fairy tale is itself a fairy tale.

Disadvantage of Bangalore Palace: No name boards in front of the palace,camera fees expensive

Advantage of Bangalore Palace: The palace is well maintained and organised.

Rating: 09/10

Stuck at Bangalore Palace!! Wanna explore some more interesting places nearby??Here it is.

               Pottery Town,Palace Grounds,Golf Course are the nearest places in its vicinity

Bannerghatta National Park

                                               If you love animals,this is just the place to be

Disadvantage of Bannerghatta National Park:The food outside the park is not very hygienic and fresh.

Advantage of Bannerghatta National Park::Grand safari is worth visiting.Parking facilities are adequate.


Stuck at the National Park with animals.Want to get out and explore other avenues.This might help.

                                    Shoppers Stop and Gopalan Mall are the nearest places in Vicinity
Ulsoor Lake

                         While water holes alongside the road are Bangalore's primal attraction
                                        But I prefer Sankey Tank to Ulsoor Lake any day.

Disadvantage of Ulsoor Lake:Lake wasn't very clean at the time I visited.Would be great for morning jogs.

Advantage of Ulsoor Lake:Near the Ulsoor Lake is the Ulsoor Gurudwara-The only gurudwara in town


Stuck At the Ulsoor lake,confused where to go next..Lets check the map.

Sankey Tank

                                   Sankey Tank is a great picnic spot in Bangalore

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